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Pick Up your Cross

Updated: Mar 27, 2020


SpokenWord Channeling 🕊

Pick Up Your Cross

You are powerful beyond measure and yet you continue to not see yourself or recognize your true strength. Such a shame, Just a fragmentation of who you really are. But why? Is it the illusions of your reality that keeps you guessing? Keeps you from seeing? Keeps you trapped in a constant state of confusion and conflict within? You created those illusions. Built those false walls. Told those half truths.

The lies you tell yourself to keep up a united “front”. Knowing your soul knows no peace. There is no “front” that is ever united and this lie is eating you alive. Why keep losing, I meaning lying to yourself, All this confusion running from feeling? The more you resist your vulnerability. The more you will suffer. Your resistance is fuel for the ego, but It disrupts the flow of the soul. It keeps it hidden. Your ego the supplanter. The true you suppressed under your over blown and very out of control Ego. Yet, not seemingly so on the surface. It seems to be a very subtle take over barely noticeable. Cleaver, little imposter.

Because you have become so identified with your persona . You have forgotten the truth. You don’t even realize the cause of your suffering is from your own self imposed ignorance. All because you won’t feel. All because you wouldn’t accept. All because you wouldn't forgive. All because of your misguided anger. All because you know everything, but haven't yet realized you know nothing at all.

Recognize your inconsistency in character. Study yourself. Remember who you really are, what you really like/don’t like and what you came here to do. Release who you thought you were, and what you thought you wanted. Stop living with desires. Stop living with ghost. Sacrifice the illusions and Step into your power. You are here to feel. No matter how painful it appears to be. Embrace it, honor it and it will bless you with the awareness of your true inheritance -light. My fortune I pass to you. Richess that no man can steal. This lovely power that’s constantly pulsing from the core of you. The feeling of electricity beaming from every inch of your sacred temple.

Get lost in the feeling. Let it be your comfort and guiding light. It’s my gift and burden to you. It’s the sacrifice for this life, and I place it at your feet. Pick up your cross. Carry it well. Carry it with pride, conviction and grace. Be grateful for this opportunity to bear witness to my SUN in human form.

Free #ReikiHealing Tomorrow and every Wednesday at Unity Spiritual Center,  3722 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70115  from 1:00PM - 3:00PM. I will be there laying hands 🤲

oxo Wellness Honie

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