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Oregano Herb Profile

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

“Oregano is the spice of life." - Henry Tillman

There’s nothing quite like the healing benefits of herbs.

Herbs have many therapeutic abilities. They are holistic in nature and can be effective for healing our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental.

Herbs can be used to treat and prevent various illnesses, as well as enhance mental attitude, physical appearance and performance.

In this post, I explore the Symbolism, Energetic Influences, and Holistic Uses of Oregano Herb.


The name oregano is derived from the Greek oros (meaning mountain) and ganos (meaning joy).

The literal translation means “mountain of happiness” because wild oregano covers hillsides in the Mediterranean.

Energetics Influences:

Mercury, Gemini & Virgo

Oregano is related to the planet Mercury and the zodiacs Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury relates with the nervous, respiratory, and hormonal systems.

It relates to how the body sends, carries, and receives information and connects one organ to another.

Mercury relates to communication within our body, mind and the outside world.

Gemini relates with the lunges, arms, hands, shoulders and peripheral nervous system.

It relates to how we think about things, reason with ourselves, and relate to the outside world.

Virgo relates with the abdominal, liver, small intestine, sympathetic nervous system.

It relates to how we process what we experience, discern what is beneficial for us and what is not, and how we heal ourselves and service our fellow man.

Holistic Uses:

Physical level can treat strep throat, e. coli, ear infections, dizziness, fatigue, congestion, nausea, headaches, and excess mucus. Use oregano to pay more attention to the little details of life.

Emotional Level can treat sadness, overreaction, and overstimulation. Use oregano to connect with the world and what makes you happy.

Spiritual Level can treat inflexibility. Use oregano to embrace change and become a more adaptable person.

Mental level can treat depression and anxiety. Use oregano to think clearer and analyze more effectively.

Final Thoughts:

Oregano is a great herb to work with the planetary energy of Mercury and the zodaic energy of Gemini and Virgo. It is a very powerful herb and can be used for a variety of health aliments.

We offer wellness consultations where we will give you advice on the best herbs to use and how to use them for your particular health and healing needs, book a wellness consultation to improve your overall health and complete well being. Learn more here.

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