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Fast with Saturn Energy

“The philosophy of fasting calls upon us to know ourselves, to master ourselves, and to discipline ourselves the better to free ourselves. To fast is to identify our dependencies, and free ourselves from them.” - Tariq Ramadan

The Energetics of Saturn



Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in our solar system. With a speculator system of icy rings circling around it.


Saturn is a slow planet, it indicates where we seek patience. It is the symbol of what constricts us for our evolution.

Zodiac Associations

Aquarius and Capricorn

Chakra Focus

Crown - Awareness of Spiritual Purpose

3rd Eye - Spiritual Discernment

Throat - Decisive Communication

Heart - Compassionate intention

Solar Plexus - Spiritual Will and Direction

Sacral Plexus - Emotional Discernment

Root - Achievement in Material


Name “Saturn” expression 3

Saturn is the 6th planet from Sun


disappointments, setbacks, anguish, growth, and suffering

Thoughts on Saturn Energy

Saturn is the reminder of the rules, restrictions and limitations that make up the reality of our human existence. Having this reminder keeps us focused on balancing our material resources needed to continue on this path while also keeping us focus on completion of our soul’s mission. Saturn represents the timeless quality about us. It’s where we know no boundaries of time only endless amounts of space. Consequently, when we take human form, we are bound by the limits and conditions of being a material being in a material reality ruled by constrictions. Nevertheless, this provides the perfect environment that guides human growth in a certain direction. It is what we create while working with our restrictions. Saturn symbolize dominance over Self, power over actions, and commitment to change.

Thoughts on Fasting

Fasting is more than just restricting what we eat. It’s an entire process that is about surrendering to what is, developing patiences, cultivating understanding, and awareness to our relationship with food and connecting with higher source. It encompass a time of reflection and meditate. Slow breathing to get in a flow state is securing an ideal environment that can increasing chances of enlightenment and renewal. Fasting also has a lot of benefits that we will mention later down in the post.

Saturn & Fasting Considerations


#1 Recognize constraints as containers for growth.

Saturn relates to our mental concepts of our limitations and restrictions which are both reality and illusion. It is in essence, “What restricts us is also what grows us”. Our limitations keeps us grounded and focused on the task we came here to master, utilizing all 3 parts of being; mind, body, and soul.

Fasting affords the opportunity to connect with mind, body, and spirit through restriction. When we fast, we place self imposed limitations on our self. These limits betters us in some way whether spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental. When we finish fasting, we can feel renewed, have a new sense of purpose and enhanced creative potential. Fasting stabilizes blood sugar levels, increase resistance to stress, and suppress inflammation.

#2 Discover the meaning and purpose for being.

Saturn holds our hard life lessons that we are meant to learn. Reaction to these lessons create steams of ideas to what these lessons all mean for our lives. Saturn energy breaks down our ideas of “what is" and rebuilds them with purpose and ambition. It is the insight that recognizes the lessons in every situation and helps connect to higher meaning beyond just material understanding.

Fasting can activate and understanding of Self and the world around on a deeper level. Abstaining from food for a set time point, we free up the digestive system. Therefore, giving it a break from processing food and to begin the regeneration process which boost our defense against germs and toxins and also providing opportunity to focus mental and spiritual energy toward unlocking the lessons available now.

#3 Realize long term pursuit and cultivate patience.

Saturn is a slow moving planet and its focus is on our long term aspirations and what we evolve into on the journey.

Fasting is a great technique for helping us to develop patience in our pursuits. It creates a space within and without where we have to wait until a certain time to physically do something about our hunger which gives us time to understand our normal automatic response to filling that hunger with food. Hunger cues are more than just notices for food especially when what is being consumed is not providing satisfaction. It could be a call for some other type of nourishment that requires patiences to uncover. Focusing energy on what we do in the timeframe is what’s most important to understanding our natural urgencies and tendencies. Patience is the vehicle to unlock our true motivations by understanding ourselves on a fundamental level. Fasting with the Saturn Energy, could decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and improve brain health and memory.

The Saturn Energy is where we learn more about our reality’s conditions and how we can overcome them. It guides us through innerstanding, what it all means for our journey, and how we can create a discipline that keeps us engaged and focused through all the challenges we may face. Discipline requires patience and persistence.

By drawing inspiration from our vast understanding of the universe, time, and space and our instinctual knowledge grounded in the lack of depth in this material reality, we can have influence on the direction of our personal and universal matrixes. It is important to create strong and reliable boundaries that keep balance of material obligations and spiritual responsibilities as to respect all the energies that conspired for our human existence.

Today's Affirmation



Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy!

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