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Are you a highly sensitive person?

You probably consider yourself

empath, intuitive, psychic, and/or healer. 


You always seem to intuitively know peoples' emotional states.

You are extremely empathic! 

It's like a gift.


Most times, though,

it could feel like a curse.



when it feels like you are allowing others'

emotions to control you. 


People come to you stressed out having emotional breakdowns, you try not to get too involved. 

It can be overwhelming for you to deal with because you can feel as if you take on other people's emotions or moods.


you always do because you feel in some strange way obligated to help them manage their emotions or give them sound advice that could solve their troubles.

It's almost like you can read people's minds...

This is why they come to you for advice or for someone to empathize with them because you always know what to do or say to help them feel better. 



when you are in need, you have trouble asking for help with your own well-being.


You feel alone like you can’t get the support from the people you give it to. 


You have been through your share of trauma and drama with people that you find it hard to trust or have healthy connections. 


You desire to have relationships where you don’t feel like people  are taking advantage of your sensitive nature. 

Because of your high sensitivity,


  • don’t feel like you can be yourself when around certain people

  • agree with people even when you don't really feel the way they do

  • feel responsible for how others feel

  • apologize often even when you haven't done anything wrong

  • find it hard to say 'NO' especially to things and people that are not healthy for you

  • act like the people around you by adopting their persona, opinions, and mannerisms

  • help people even if it's not beneficial for you to do so

  • see 'signs', but don't always know what they mean 

  • have a strong inclination about things, people, situations, and environments, and is usually right about your hunches.


Your intuition is really strong!


You know things without much rational reasoning. 


Sometimes you have profound visions and prophetic dreams that reveals what’s happening around you on a deep level and/ or what’s to come in the near future.


You don’t really know how to manage or use this information to your benefit. 

You have a healing touch!

You make people feel comfortable around you, they like to be touched by you, they ask for hugs, or want to be close to you when in your presence.


You feel yourself tired and drained after your interactions. 

You suffer or have suffered

with one or more of the

following :

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • insomnia

  • mood swings

  • emotional eating

  • emotional 

  • weight gain

  • confusion

  • apathy

  • anxiousness

  • nervousness


Many  conditions like these are a result of

not being connected to who you really are!


Such as:

  • spending a lot of time putting others ahead of you always  doing things for them over doing things for yourself

  • being in pursuit of things that are not in alignment with your true nature and/or purpose

  • constantly searching for validation

  • not following your dreams or passions

  • not developing and using your gifts adequately 


This is why it’s so important to take the time to figure out who you really are and what you really want. When you do, health issues will find resolve. 


Remembering who you really are is not always easy

because you have:

  • been being someone who you are not and doing things that are not aligned with you for so long.

  •  become attached to a version of yourself that is not who you really are, not realizing this is not the real you.

Now, you will have to: 

  • fight through what you have programed yourself to believe about yourself and what you want. 

  • untangle the lies you've been selling yourself from the truth of who you been suppressing deep down inside. 


This process takes time to uncover as it took time to cover.


To get to the truth of who you really are

and become that truth, 

You have to:

  • recognize the decisions that you have made and still make that are not true to who you really are or what you really want 

  • become aware of behaviors, attitudes, and habits that supported this unaligned version of you for so long 

  • create behaviors, attitudes, and habits that support the aligned version of yourself that you are releasing

  • set goals that are aligned with who you really are and what you really want

This is what we work with our clients on

in our program:


Manifest You


We help them become aware of the truth of

who they really are,


and they make that truth

a reality to attract their deepest desires. 

What do you desire and how will achieve it?


Your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and habits are what will get

you closer towards your desires.


Your thoughts about your feelings drive your behaviors and habits, which create your focus. 

What you focus on attracts your desire to you.


Who do you want to be? 

Say you desire to lose weight, in order for weight loss to manifest, you have to create thoughts that are aligned with the results you desire. 


Not just any ol’ thoughts, but ones that come from the person you desire to be; the person who has already lost weight. 

You have to feel like losing weight comes natural to you.


Your feelings about your desires are

what makes them manifest.  

We help you manifest the 'you'

who has what you desire! 

How do you see yourself achieving your goal? 

We can help you create and maintain a healthy focus towards your desires.


One where you focus your attention to learning how to develop and heal yourself vs. being tied to a particular outcome.


Like working out your muscles, your whole self will continue to develop and heal, constantly growing healthier & stronger. 


At the end of the program,

You will:

  • have tools to continue refining your plan for your greatest results 

  • deeper connection to your intuition 

  • feel more confident in your focus 

  • be aware of your feelings and how your thoughts about your feelings influence your behaviors and habits 

  • have clarity on how to attract your desire

  • have achieved your desired result, or in the process of achieving your results 

  • learn how to appreciate who you are becoming on the journey of reaching your goals instead of obsessing over the outcome

You can be a greater version of yourself,

you just need to understand

what path takes you to that greatness. 


Our highly personalized program is

intentionally created to serve our clients unique needs.

We will give you the tools to create a path that works for your specific life, needs, and desires. 


Understand and overcome the specific challenges in your life with the guidance of two coaches dedicated to your manifestations!

Join us for an intimate holistic journey to manifest the


'You' who:

heals your mind, body, and energy

realizes your purpose

develops your intuition 

maintains healthy relationships

Ready to Manifest You?

Book a Discovery Call


Let's discuss how we can help you heal yourself,

develop your gifts, and attract your deepest desires!

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