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We are

Alden & Valencia

life & business partners, Holistic Life Coaches

and directors of Wellness Honie, a Holistic Healing Practice.

What do we do?

We teach our clients to heal themselves, so they can heal their relationships.


We coach them on removing blocks that keep them from creating healthy communications. 


We develop with them ways to process and work on recognizing emotional patterns that are inconsistent with their relationship goals.


We help them work through their mind drama and understand their emotions to develop healthy boundaries in their relationships. 


We train them to clear distractions from their minds in order to make powerful decisions that will transform their relationships to be more aligned with who they are and the lifestyle they live or want to live. 

About Us

We have been together for sixteen years and married for thirteen. We have three sons. We maintain our union through awareness, devotion, and sacrifice. 

We feel that having a healthy marriage isn't by chance, it's created through consistent efforts on each of our parts.

We spend a lot of time working on ourselves and giving each other space to be exactly who we are while building a life and business together that make sense for us. 

What's our secret to a long lasting loving relationship? 


Constantly, choosing what is best for ourselves, being open and honest with each other about what we want, and deciding that we will create a life together on our own terms.

Strong relationships are built on strong decisions and accountability to those decisions. You have the power to create the kind of relationship you always wanted. You just have to decide that's what you want and make decisions that get you the results you desire. 



About Alden 


Lover of travel and creating my own uniquely great life, I use coaching to transform myself. I have lost over 130lbs. I manage my health through healthy food choices and stress reducing activities. More importantly, I create experiences I enjoy and that enhance my relationships with my wife, kids, and myself on my own terms.

My motto is "I Create Love"

I’m a Holistic Life Coach. I help our members understand how to clear away mind drama, and create thought patterns that will transform and enhance their relationships & quality of life. My goal is to help you create deep understanding of what's truly important to you, how to obtain it, and how to maintain it. Helping you create and build meaningful relationships that match your aspirations.


About Valencia 

My passions include being a wife & mom. I love transformation and travel because both are about the journey. I love writing, manifesting, studying astrology, philosophy, and psychology. I love being in nature and walking barefoot, watching the sunset, and tracking the moon.

Along with being a life coach, I am wellness consultant, reiki (energy healing) practitioner, and doula. My overall title is holistic healing practitioner. I use life coaching, energy healing, and wellness practices to maintain my weight, manage my anxieties, and create healthy relationships.


I help my clients love & care for their whole self. I help them understand their emotions, and why they feel and react the way they do. I help them to understand how their behaviors are keeping them from having healthy relationships. I help them realize that by focusing on healing & truly loving themselves they will create the loving relationships they desire.

Let's work together ! 

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