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Aries Energy

Updated: Mar 31

"No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks." - Prince Akeem

Aries in the Spirit

Aries energy is cardinal fire and ushers us into the Spring Season.


It separates us from the wholeness of ourselves and the collective. We separate from a sense of wholeness to have a human experience here on Earth, expand our consciousness, and explore our potentiality. 

We separate from the collective, so we can empower the role we play within the collective and understand how better to support its progression. Separation happens through our "desire". We desire for more, better than what we have, to challenge ourselves, and to experience something different by exploring different outcomes.

It's our personal obligation to fulfill our potential, fully embrace the human condition, and create new possibilities. To do this, we create identities which are the vehicles we use to help us fulfill our potential and support collective evolution.

Our identities are formed through what we attach ourselves to:

  • The labels we accept that society creates to define who we are.

  • The resources that we struggle to obtain to maintain a sense of comfort and security.

  • The career paths and relationships we align with to express our ideas of success.

When we align our identities to be in direct reflection of our divine nature and embrace the power that we inherently have within us, we express our potential in meaningful ways. This inspires collective healing on a cellular level as we perceive what we lost sight of and begin to course correct. 

Aries in the Emotion

It signifies the start of the energetic cycle.


Its energy drives us to begin a task in ignorance without thinking too much about all that could potentially go wrong or following every step in perfect order. It is driven by pure desire! This can cause a lot of conflict within ourselves and our relationships as we fight for our desires while experiencing both internal and external struggles. The internal struggles, such as fear of uncertainty and insecurities, and external struggles, such as other’s expectations of us and circumstances that are outside of our control.  

Aries in the Body

Aries rules the head, brain, and skull. It also rules the nose, skin and outer ears. 


When Aries Energy is imbalanced, it charges impulsively into things; impatient to get ahead. Recklessness, impulsiveness can get the person into lots of accidents, often involving the head.

When person has high stressed or frequent uncontrollable angry outburst, it can cause blood pounding, severe headaches, and throbbing due to the increase in their blood pressure. If this becomes too frequent over a long time, it may increase chances of chronic high blood pressure and severe migraines.

Aries in the Mind


Its energy pushes us forward with good intentions and the resilience to keep going and adjusting to challenging situations. Because this energy is raw, immature, and potent, it needs a focus to keep on track when it gets bored and discouraged when things are not quickly obtained or stimulating. 

Its energy is Willful, Self-Directed, Pioneering, Optimistic, Outgoing, Excitable, Competitive. Its themes are perception, intention, initiation, awareness, leadership, identity, conflict/war,  pioneering, creation, originality, spontaneity, quick decisions, inspiration, courageous, independence, aggressiveness, lacks follow through, leaps before looking, impulsiveness, arrogance, selfishness, egotism, intolerance, irritation.

Aries Season

Aries Season is from March 21st – April 19th 

Aries Energy is ruled by the planet Mars which is the red fiery planet of action.


This is the season of active solutions and abundant energy that leads to self discovery and actualization.

All the issues that surfaced in Pisces seasons are what now inspires and motivates our desires. It's what gives purpose for this zodiac cycle. Whatever lessons that was learned use that has its motivating force.

Set your focus on what’s most important to you right now! This will help you to utilize this energy to create identities that support your true nature, set meaningful intentions, and keep you on track when life be lifin’.

We can help you! 

Schedule a discovery call and let’s talk about what you want to focus your energy on.

Click the link in the bio to get started.used by stress.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. - Ferdinand Foch

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