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Gemini ♊️ Season

Gemini Season May 21st - June 21st Situations may arise to challenge your mindset, communication, and flexibility.

🗣 Be open and honest. Create space for truth through listening and talking. Make decisive decisions.

🌟 Be aware of how your thoughts affect how you relate to the world around you, and how your relationships affect your ability to make reasonable decisions.

👁 Question to Self: Am I aware of my relationship with my thoughts, and how it created my current reality?

Gemini Energy Think. Relate. Reason

Utilize this Energy to:

💡 consciously and intuitively connect ideas together.

💫 understand how two or more concepts are associated and their cause and effect on each other.

🧩 logically find answers to problems by considering various possible solutions.

focus your brain on connecting ideas, understanding how concepts relate, logically finding answers to problems, and

create intentional thoughts that's in relation to your heart space. Doing this will ensure that you are always growing, and not being stagnant or trapping yourself within a reason that does not serve your true desire!

We can help you create intentional thoughts and connect back to your source, read yourself, and gain the deep awareness you need to heal what keeps you from what you desire.

Schedule a Discovery Call here!

Let us help you Manifest You!


Peace & Blessings Alden & Valencia


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