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Taurus Energy in Taurus season

Taurus is the second zodiac sign within the Spring season. Spring is the time to generate. Taurus season is from April 20th to May 20th. Use this time to generate belief within yourself.

No matter your sun sign. We all have Taurus Energy and learning how to activate, develop, and honor this energy is crucial for creating the reality you truly desire to experience.

Taurus Energy

Taurus Energy connects with the Numerology of 1 & 2:

1: Individuation, Independence, Attainment, Aggression, Self, Leadership, Yang, Masculinity.

2: Relation, Cooperation, Balance, Receptive, Union, Partnership, Ambivalence, Yin, Femininity.

Taurus Energy is Fixed Earth:

It is results oriented, practical, resourceful, and down to earth.

It relates to the Physical Self:

  • It is the tangible aspect of you that can be directly observed and examined.

  • It connects to the body and is the perception you have of your physical ability, endurance, and appearance.

  • It is how you exist in the physical world and is your public image.

  • It relates to how you acquire and why you choose your material possessions.

It connects with the Root Chakra:

It is your foundation for life, it helps you feel grounded, and able to withstand challenges.

Its symbol is the bull:

It symbolizes wealth, courage, and overall power

It’s ruled by Venus:

The planet of love, romance, money, beauty, and art.

Qualities of Taurus:

worth, value, comfort, sensuality, stubbornness, materialism, determination, sensations, and abundance.

Its Key Phrase is ‘I have’

The Anatomy of Taurus:

Throat, Neck, Ears, Thyroid, Tongue, Lower Teeth

  • Sensations in these parts of the body, is the body’s way of communicating info about your physical health and what you need to heal and feel safe.

  • Minor or major issues in these areas can signal disconnection within your Taurus energy.

Disconnection in Taurus energy:

Throat: Stifled; feeling unable to express

Neck: Stubbornness; refusing to see other sides

Ear: Closed off; not wanting to hear

Thyroid: Humiliated. feeling small and inferior

Tongue: Fear. repressing emotions

Teeth: Uprooted. beliefs being compromised

Question to ask yourself this season:

Do I have a belief that limits me?

4 Ways to Activate Taurus Energy:

  1. Be grateful for who you are

  2. Hold strong belief in your value

  3. Create boundaries for your desire

  4. Be consistent with your actions

3 Ways to Develop Taurus Energy:

  1. Determine if your current belief is true for who you are now.

  2. Decide if your current boundaries support your true belief or are limiting you.

  3. Notice if your current actions are directed towards the results you want

6 Ways to Honor Taurus Energy:

  1. Go to a museum to look at art

  2. Burn your favorite scented candle

  3. Listen to music with strong vibrations

  4. Spend time with a tree, feel its bark and leaves

  5. Eat delicious satisfying meals

  6. Create space to meditate on your body’s sensations

Activating, Developing & Honoring Taurus Energy

Helps to:

  • Recognize belief that is limiting you

  • Create intention to support your true belief

  • Realize the need for stronger boundaries

  • Break free of your comfort zone

Self awareness helps you to create your Intentional reality.

It starts with recognizing the belief that limits you which is not always easy to uncover. However, It can be realized through observation of your boundaries.

What you believe about yourself will reflect back in your external world through the boundaries you create and how you consistently show up to those boundaries.

If you find it hard to keep the boundaries you set, there is an underlying belief that you have about yourself that is limiting you.

The belief needs to be realized and the root source of the belief needs to be acknowledged before you can effectively create your intentional reality.

If the belief is not realized, you will continue to unintentionally create a reality for yourself that keeps you from your desire.

In order to realize the belief, you must connect back to your original source through honesty and vulnerability. This will allow you to get to the root of the limiting belief.

When we don’t remember “how to” connect back to our source, we will seek the “how to” from outside of us which often leaves us feeling confused and lost.

Tired of relying on others to read your energy, only to still not see how to use the awareness in your life?

We can help you to connect back to your source, read yourself, and gain the deep awareness you need to heal what keeps you from what you desire.

Schedule a Discovery Call Below!

Let us help you Manifest You!

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