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Taurus Season

believe it, then achieve it.

Taurus Season is from April 19/20th - May 21st.


The Taurus Zodiac season starts the second point in the Spring season. The energy gives the feeling of when the Sun is in the Taurus constellation. During the Sun’s transit through this constellation, we feel spiritually grounded, comfortable in ourselves and natural abilities. We know what we want, and have the patience and perseverance to obtain it. This season will stimulate situations that test our resolve, boundaries, beliefs, and resources. It is important to reestablish our beliefs as they will influence our mind-frame and provide the boundaries for our journey moving forward.

The intention for this season is to draw from our inner resources to build sustainability in the material reality. It is important to consult our instincts before making any major moves. As the "what", "why", and "how" has to be understood before attempting to secure outward resources.

Two main objectives for the season: 1. become more knowledgeable about our core beliefs and 2. create practical boundaries based off those beliefs.

On an unconscious level, Taurus stabilizes and roots us into the body of the mind. In the body of the mind, is where we can develop our belief systems. In this season, we will be challenged to evaluate the beliefs that we hold about ourselves, family and the world around us. When situations arise that are triggering, take the time to recategorize conscious beliefs and recognize unconscious beliefs. Doing so, will bring awareness to conflicting belief patterns and how those beliefs can be affecting us securing the right resources, whether inner or outer, for this part of our journeys.

On a Conscious level, Taurus develops order and creates stability in the structures of the mind. Our beliefs play a major role in our productivity and focus. We will be challenged to sustain a level of consistency in the actions we put forth. We will be called to review and establish new boundaries and routines that are rooted in a balanced belief system. This will create flow, rhythm and a sense of ease into our lives.

How to utilize this season:

  1. Develop stability and set up routines that contribute to positive direction of growth.

  2. Build patience by realizing that everything doesn’t have to be done in one day.

  3. Be efficient by managing time, as to honor obligations to work and pleasure.

  4. Create self care routine and take time for stimulation.


Wellness Honie,

Live Wellthy. Stay Healthy!

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