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Spring Season

Spring is proof that there is beauty in new beginnings!

  • Spring is the season for generating new perspectives, beliefs, and thoughts.

  • It is the time for awareness, renewal, and realization.

The Spring Zodiacs:

Aries ♈️, Taurus ♉️, and Gemini ♊️

Message of Spring Season:

Fulfillment can be attained by 1.)initiating action on your true intentions, not intentions made from fear. 2.) setting beneficial boundaries for yourself, so that you are aware of distractions that can keep you from your intentions. 3.) being accountable to reasoning that's aligned with your heart, so that you are always growing and not being stagnant, or trapping yourself within thoughts that do not serve your true intentions!

Utilize the Spring Season to:

  • Heal The Heart Chakra by showing compassion towards yourself, empathetic with others, and being open to genuine connection with the natural environment.

  • Generate The Air Element by setting an intention for what reality you want, liberating yourself from the past you, using the intelligence of your heart to gain new understanding.

  • Develop The Mental Aspect Of Yourself by challenging your perspectives, beliefs, and thoughts about what you are experiencing daily.

Work with the Spring Energy:

  • Eat your greens, wear the color green, and take time to be vulnerable.

  • Meditate on your thoughts, feelings, and take appropriate actions that honor both.

  • Journal about what you are experiencing with yourself and others.

Spring Contemplation:

  1. What would I like more awareness of?

  2. What aspect of myself am you renewing?

  3. What would I like to accomplish over the next three months?

  4. What’s something I could do to initiate my goal?

We can help you Initiate Your Intentions, Set Beneficial Boundaries, and Recognize Worthy Reasoning that’s aligned with your heart.

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