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Yes, you're being haunted by a ghost and here is why.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Things are probably out of control and stressful in your life right now.

It seems like bad things are constantly happening to you.

You can't catch a break.

Everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Nothing is working out for you.

I'm here to tell you that you are being haunted by a ghost, but it ain't Casper, the friendly ghost.

It's the ghost of you!

Stay with me it will make sense by the end of this post.

In this post, I share what is a ghost, how you get one, 7 signs you have a ghost, and the effects of having a ghost.

What is a ghost and how do you get one?

The definition of ghost, 'the soul of a dead person thought of as living in an unseen world or as appearing to living people.'

A ghost is created from situations that we have not processed and parts of ourselves we suppress. We express what is unprocessed and suppressed through our behaviors unconsciously.

This manifests when we are trying to get over hard to deal with situations and character flaws, but lack the necessary tools to do so in an efficient manner. Without the tools, instead of getting over what happened, we end up suppressing it.

When we suppress anything for an extended period of time, metaphorically speaking, we kill it off. It becomes dead to us. We lose access to it consciously.

We suppress and then create a new version of ourselves. We program this newer version to keep us from dealing with similar situations and being that person who didn't handle the situation well.

We think this is the right thing to do, but what we are really doing is blinding ourselves to what is actually going on. In reality, the previous version is still there and what happened is still unprocessed.

Because we have not dealt with what happened and moved on, we unintentionally create a dark side of ourselves that expresses what we've suppressed in unhealthy ways. Being vindictive, controlling, passive aggressive, moody, people pleasing, temperamental, judgemental, paranoid, or all over the place.

These behaviors become apart of our energy but we are unaware of it. We see them in others, but don't see them in ourselves.

Others experience this side of us, but we rarely notice it. We aren't fully aware it exists. We might suspect that something is off, but we can't quite put our finger on it.

The ghost haunts the people around us ruining our relationships. When they tell us what they are experiencing with us, we don't believe them.

We don't take responsibility for our behaviors, because we don't see it.

The ghost haunts us by compromising our health and livelihood. We lose relationships, friendships, jobs, motivation, self esteem, confidence, vitality, opportunities, money, resources, etc..

This side of ourselves needs closure and is expressing what needs to be resolved, but because we have 'checked out', we aren't aware of what's really going on in our lives and how not being aware of our behaviors are what's causing us major distress.

Because we are unaware, it can seem like we are being haunted by some supernatural entity. It is as if something else is controlling us and our lives.

But what is controlling us is a side of ourselves that we thought we had buried (put behind us), but it is very much alive and manifesting through our behaviors in a 'unseen world' appearing to 'living people'.

Are you suppressing something?

Here are 7 signs you have a ghost:

Sign #1

You blame others around you for what is happening in your life. Everyone around you has a problem and is a problem. You find problems everywhere and in everything.

Sign #2

You talk to yourself in a very demeaning way. You call yourself dumb, stupid, or berate yourself when you make a mistake or do something wrong. You don't feel like you are enough or have enough. You are constantly searching or working for more.

Sign #3

You focus on everybody but yourself. You overcare about what others are doing, saying, and feeling. You want them to like you. You do things you don't really want to to do, but you don't want to say 'No'. You lack healthy boundaries.

Sign #4

You find it hard to keep healthy romantic relationships. You attract people who are no good for you, who use you, but never commit to you. Or, you have 'commitment issues' and avoid serious relationships. You like to keep things casual and when things get intense, you leave.

Sign #5

You take on others emotions and problems which drains you physically & emotionally. You feel it's your responsibility to be there for people. You are very sensitive to the needs of others and care more about their emotional stability than your own. You feel unable to control your emotional responses. You may flip out or shut down depending on what is happening in your environment.

Sign #6

You feel possessed or controlled by some entity or outside force. You say things you don't mean or don't want to say. You feel that you have to give people messages or tell them what is on your mind, and if you don't, you will get punished or bad things will happen to you.

Sign #7

You 'ghost' people. You stop talking to people. You make plans and don't show up. You are unreliable. You say you gonna do something, but you don't.

Which signs resonate with you the most?

Effects of the Ghost

When the ghost is left unchecked for a while, over time we can:

➰ develop depression, anxiety, fear, anxiousness, compulsive habits, and addictions.

➰ find it hard to maintain healthy relationships, have healthy self care routines, reach important life and health goals.

Face Your Ghost

When you are aware of your ghost, you see how it disrupts your life. It is important for you to recognize that it is the source of your problems so you can realize how to heal the disconnection that was created.

Facing your ghost can be the most challenging. You will experience breakdowns, but you will have profound breakthroughs. It is well worth the undertaking.

Are you dealing with a ghost?

It's in your energy!

Book a energy reading now and let's get to the bottom of it. Let me help you recognize your ghost and understand why you have one.

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