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Fear Is Not The Problem❣️

Updated: May 2, 2023

In the workshop we had a few weeks ago, ‘Overcome Challenges to Love’, we provided 4 ways to overcome challenges to having a loving, happy, and healthy relationship. The four ways are: 1️⃣ Investigate Your Behavior, observe yourself and witness your behavior without judgment. 2️⃣ Determine Your Feelings, be honest about what you are experiencing emotionally. 3️⃣ Understand What Happened, recognize emotional patterns created from fear. 4️⃣ Decide What You Want, switch your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want. We demonstrated how to use these 4 ways to overcome challenges to having a loving, happy, and healthy romantic relationship. But these techniques can be used to overcome challenges in any relationship. When you employ these techniques, you will get to know yourself on an intimate level. When you deeply know yourself, you know how to love yourself in the way you have to be loved and you make decisions that keep you happy and healthy. And this is important because… You have to have a loving, happy, and healthy relationship with yourself in order to have it with others. How we behave in the relationships we have with others, mirrors how we behave in the relationship we have with ourselves. If you are uncertain of what you are doing or where you are going in life, this will show up in your relationships. Most uncertainty in relationships are caused by fear. You may fear being vulnerable, disappointed, or rejected. When it comes to the relationship you have with yourself and others: Subconsciously you do things to avoid uncomfortable feelings. You start arguments or shut down emotionally when you feel threatened by something someone says or do. This puts you in defensive mode, where you feel the need to protect yourself. This behavior reflects how you respond to yourself when you are uncertain about how you will make your dreams a reality. When it comes to the relationship you have with yourself and following your dreams: Arguing with yourself looks like; second guessing yourself, getting stuck in confusion, making excuses, talking yourself out of taking action towards what you desire. Shutting down emotionally and protecting yourself looks like; deciding to do what’s easy & comfortable instead of doing what you ‘have to’ do, which may be difficult. Even though we like to blame fear for our inaction or insecurities, fear is not responsible for us not taking action towards our dreams. Fear is not the problem! What is the problem is the way in which you are allowing fear to dictate your actions, and that is what is keeping you from overcoming challenges to getting what you want. What is unchecked fear really costing you?

It is costing you the LOVE you deserve. It’s costing you love in your relationship with others, but most importantly, it’s costing you love for yourself.

Everytime you allow fear to keep you from doing things you know you have to do for yourself, a part of you dies. The more you allow fear to control your decisions the more you create a habit of not loving yourself, you change into someone else, and you do things that are not aligned with who you are. You silence yourself and move farther and farther away from your authenticity, which is unfortunate because being your authentic self is what will fulfill you. When we are disconnected from our authenticity, we search for fulfillment in relationships with others. It’s because we are not happy with ourselves and not doing what we have to do to support our ourselves.

When you rely heavily on relationships to satisfy you, you become controlling, codependent, or even overly critical of the people you care for.

This puts strain on the relationships where the people feel inadequate, used, or rejected. The result is relationships that aren’t sustainable, and a continued cycle of having unhealthy relationships that don’t support, don’t up-lift, and don’t last.

One thing we know with certainty is that creating a fulfilling relationship with yourself is the key to manifesting great quality relationships with others. You will create a sense of fulfillment within yourself when you join our program ‘Manifest You’, because you will reconnect with your authenticity and your deepest desires. In this program, we help you to get a clear picture of:

✔️ how your behavior affects you getting what you want.

✔️ how your feelings determine the actions you take.

✔️ what keeps you feeling stuck experiencing similar situations over and over again.

✔️ what is most important to you and staying in alignment with that.

You will learn how to create fulfillment through loving yourself, making decisions that align with who you really are, and taking actions from a space of authenticity.

Let’s do this together!

Sure you can do this alone. You probably feel comfortable going at it by yourself, but is it in your best interest to stay comfortable? How many years have you spent doing it alone already? How much time have you lost staying comfortable? Are you closer to actualizing your dreams or not? Are you stuck in confusion about what you need to be doing? Are you avoiding taking substantial actions toward your dreams? Are your relationships suffering because of this? Let us help you with this, so you can spend more time loving yourself, manifesting your dreams, and enjoying your relationship with others.

It’s time to Manifest You.

You are ready!

Schedule a Discovery Call now.

Got any questions??

📱 Text or Call us @ (504)321-3110.


Love & Blessings Alden & Valencia

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