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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Sun moves into Virgo

August 23 - September 22

The Sun is representation of our ego and influences our personalities.When the sun is in a certain constellations it favors our actions. It provides challenges and opportunities to grow our personas. Our actions are influenced by our personalities. Our personalities are our vehicles that get us where we are going in this life.

The energy produced influences us with rewards or consequences depending on the perspective held by the individual at this particular energy point. This influence is an opportunity to challenge our default/ inherited programming, so we can remember who we are, our ancestral & universal history, and to define the energies at specific time in space, so that we can understand our collective Selves a lot better. Life is cyclical and it’s connected to all life that has been lived and that will be lived. Our purpose is to learn more about the energy at this particular time in space that’s coded in our DNA.

When the sun enters the Virgo constellation, we may feel the need to analyze, organize, and purge. Virgo season is the time for purification. It wants to remove all that is tainted and bring back to virgin status. A time before the lessons and challenges that matured us. It strips us back to our inherited innocence and immaturity. This is why Virgo is the virgin. It wants to go back to a time when things were pure and innocent; free from blemishes and shadow thoughts.

Virgo is a time for remembering. Remembering what it all was for.

Why we went through the transformation in the first place. It’s time to take a real look at what has been built for good or bad. This is an opportunity to work with our 3rd eye chakra. It’s a time to develop our discerning eye. Opportunity to look past the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell others .

Opportunity to give to the creator what habits that are no longer serving the purpose it once had. It’s a time to set useful routines for our new selves. Virgo energy influences of our heath and wellness, complete well being, discernment , analytical thinking, and insightful nature. It helps us be more resourceful, more loving and nurturing to others and ourselves.

We may desire to be helpful, useful, hardworking, intelligent, and confident. We may find ourself wanting to work out, eat better, build something or garden. We may find our self attracted to the gym and eating something healthy. Meditation and yoga may be top on our list. All these changes will give us more energy and raise our vitality which proves to be great for us, but let’s try not to over do it and push it off on others as Bible.

Contradiction to this energy is Virgo’s pickiness and really high and sometimes impossible standards can seem to be problematic on relationships with ourselves and others. We may feel like we are constantly over analyzing the smallest details and finding it harder to relax, but having an extreme desire to do so.

Use this energy for major self analysis. We will be amazed at all the things we’ve been hiding from ourself! Virgo energy is about remembering the questions that has been answered, being answered presently and the ones needing to be answered. Virgo we look ward to experiencing all that you have to offer!

We would love to provide some insight specifically tailored towards your energy. Feel free to book an intuitive energy reading:

IG DM: @wellnesshonie


TXT OR CALL: 504 321 3110

What you will get:

Detailed reading about the energy surrounding you this virgo season.

1 - 3 card tarot for guidance. Picture of cards. Questions to ponder. Feel free to ask question. Will be sent to your email in 24 - 48hrs. Investment: $15.00.

We look forward to serving you in your wellness journey!

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