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Welcome The Lovers: Gemini Season

Welcome Gemini Season

May 21 - June 21

This is the Season marked for The Lovers, Twin Flames, SoulMates, and Divine Unions ⠀⠀

3 Considerations

  1. Expect situations that test the mindset, mental capabilities communication skills , flexibility, and social relations.

  2. Be prepared to make quick decisive decisions and embrace the pressure that comes with your current leadership positions. Be dependable, reliable and honest. #BeIntentional Keep ya nails clean. #Selfcare 🙃 Speak your mind,

  3. Utilize Talk Therapy and Don’t hold back your truths. Do create space for others to express their truths as well. Feeling heard and respected is ideal. Talking and listening will be therapy this season. ⠀

Cinematic Prescription for the Season

Poetic Justice starring Tupac - Gemini Sun ☀️Janet Jackson - Taurus Sun ☀️ ⠀

Are you ready for this Season?⠀

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