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New Moon Phase

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

The new moon phase is a great time to shift attention from your thoughts to your feelings, so you can gain instinctual awareness of how to move forward with your goals.

This phase has astronomy and astrological significance. In this post, I will explore both, give an idea of what you may experience doing this time, and how to use this phrase to support your wellness.

Astronomy meaning of the New Moon:

The New Moon happens at a time when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned.

During this time, the Moon's illuminated side faces the sun and its dark side faces the Earth.

The sky is dark and we are able to see the stars more. The Moon is not visible during this time except during a solar eclipse.

The moon and sun is in sync during this phrase: They rise and set together.

Astrological meaning of the New moon:

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It is a time for fresh starts.

The energy is associated with this phase is hope, anticipation, hopelessness, and nervousness.

Each new moon is a supportive time and allows space for you to understand how you’re feeling about whatever you may be going through.

What you may experience during this phrase:

Things are happening that are outside of your control, but you feel everything may not be as it seems.

You may....

  • think one way, feel another way, and act out irrationally.

  • feel a wave of inspiration, hyper sensitivity, uncertainty, or lack of direction.

  • be aware of things that you are usually unaware of.

  • have strong inclinations that seem unusual or out of the normal.

  • have intuitive understanding of things without much logic behind it.

  • do things that do not make sense or seem completely contradictory to your current path.

  • feel like you are going backwards and repeating the same situations.

What you are experiencing can be determined by how you handled things in the last moon cycle and your distant past, and also the zodiac the moon is in.

Reflecting on what happen last cycle, your past, and the current zodiac the new moon is in, can give clues to what you are experiencing now and why.

How to use this phase to support your wellness:

  • Pay attention to your body and rest when you need to.

  • Take note of different situations that make you feel strong feelings or subtle changes in your emotions.

  • Explore what you are feeling and allow yourself to experience the full range of your emotions.

  • Make decisions taking into account your intuition even if it doesn't make sense.

  • Eat foods that are ruled by the moon such a sweet potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, kale, yogurt, cheese, kelp.

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids and taking herbal baths.

Final Thoughts:

The New Moon is the perfect time to sit in stillness, reflect on your life, and gain clarity on how you would like to move forward this new cycle with accomplishing your goals.

Use the behavior patterns of the cosmos to align yourself. You can look at the sun as your thoughts, the moon as your feelings, and the earth as your actions.

Just as the sun, moon, and earth align during this time, you can take the time to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions to accomplish your goals this cycle. Because when they are aligned, you will be more inclined to overcome the challenges that arise.

If you are having trouble sitting still and relaxing, reflecting on your emotions, or accomplishing your goals, we offer three services that can help you.

To relax, book reiki session:

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We look forward to working with you!


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