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Valencia's Weight Loss Story

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

After giving birth to my first son, my weight crept up to 283lbs in 2012. Therefore, I started changing my eating and workout habits and lost about 40lbs bringing my weight to about 240lbs. However in 2013, I gained all of it back during my second pregnancy. Consequently, through breastfeeding, eating less, and exercise, I was able to reach 240lbs once more after I gave birth. During my third pregnancy, I didn't want to gain so much weight like with my other two pregnancies, I took on a more plant-based, vegetarian diet, and then went completely vegan. It was not completely by choice though, being that I lost all desire to eat any kind of meat during this pregnancy. I also began a yoga and meditation practice, during my third pregnancy, and I actually lost weight the entire pregnancy.

Once I give birth, I weighed about 215lbs. Through breastfeeding my son for over a year, continuing my vegan diet, exercising, meditation, learning conscious breathing techniques, and eating more herbs, I continue to lose weight. I eventually got all the way down to my present weight of about 130lbs.

From my starting weight of about 283lbs back in 2012, until 2017 when I reached 130lbs. I have maintained a weight of 130lbs.

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