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Uranus Semi-Sextile Chiron

Uranus Planet, “The Awakener," relates to originality and innovation. It represent the spark of intuition that ignites creation. It transits sign Taurus which represents boundaries, sensuality and comfortability; It is slow and steady. Chiron Comet the “Wounded Healer” represent our deepest wounds, and our continuous efforts to heal that wound. It transits the sign of Aries which represents initiative, motivation and drive to succeed; it is fast and furious. The semi-sextile aspect can trigger many challenges to harmonious relations, but through constant engagement new pathways for growth will emerge.

There is opportunity for healing that comes in unexpected ways. Explore unconventional ways in sharing your creations, teachings, testimonies, and truths. You may be shaking up shit up and not even aware of it. You may question tradition and challenge people to raise up in ways they hadn’t imagine. Be open to alternative methods for problem solving that you would never have considered before. These methods can yield beneficial results, but only will materialize with your commitment to consistency and focus. Put in hard work now and it will pay off in the long run.

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