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The Energy of Cancer Season

Updated: Jun 19

Cancer energy is the 4th sign of the zodiac cycle. Its energy is protective, nurturing and caring. It’s our ability to feel what’s happening in our surroundings on a deep level, nurture ourselves and others, and create security within our emotional experiences. Its Zodiac Season is from June 21st - July 22nd. 

In this blog, we will explore the different components of Cancer Energy and talk about what makes it what it is to understand it more indepthly, so we can recognize it in ourselves and determine how to use it to improve our wellbeing and relationships. 

Cancer energy connects with the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is our source of creativity, sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality, fidelity, receptivity, fluidity, femininity, synchronicity. Cancer energy has to express emotions in healthy ways. if not, it can get overwhelmed and shut down. When it is tapped into the sacral chakra's energies, it channels healing energies into the emotions. Any form of expression will do whether it is through art, writing, dancing, singing, etc...

Cancer energy’s symbol is the crab. Crabs are a symbol of defense, change & growth, unconventional routes and adaptability. They are resilient, decisive, resourceful, and self reliant. Cancer energy can be protective over its heart and can be cautious to fall in love and let people who are unfamiliar into its world. It can be moody and crabby when it isn't getting the attention it needs. It has the ability to get through the toughest situations.

Cancer energy rules the stomach, womb, breast, chest, lymph system, breastbone. 

Each one of these body parts can symbolize different aspects of how we behave.


  • Stomach: How we take in and let go

  • Womb: How we nurture 

  • Breast: How we nourish 

  • Chest: How we protect

  • Lymph system: How we move 

  • Breastbone: How we deal with love & lost 

Sensations in these parts of the body are the body’s way of communicating info to you about your Cancer energy and what may need healing. Minor or major issues in these areas can signal disconnection within your Cancer energy.

Here are some signs of Disconnection within Cancer Energy:   

  • Stomach: Lack of fulfillment. A fear of change; Inability to assimilate the new.

  • Womb: Lack of support in emotions. A feeling of not being loved, nurtured, or protected; Needing emotional security. 

  • Breast: Lack of nourishment. A refusal to nourish the self; Putting everyone else first.

  • Chest: Lack of protection. A feeling of worthlessness, suppressed emotions (anger, fear, and anxiety), and/or feeling smothered or controlled by others; Desiring to be free. 

  • Lymph System: lack of movement in life. A feeling of being disconnected from the present moment. Holding on to the past; Needing to accept what is and let go of what was. 

  • Breastbone: Lack of acceptance. A feeling of being heart broken; holding on to grief; Closed off from genuine connection with life and others.

Cancer energy relates to the Emotional Self. The Emotional Self is the instinctive side of ourselves that gives context to our feelings and sensitivities. It is our capacity to tune into our feelings. It’s a collection of behavior patterns and impulsives. 

Cancer energy is a cardinal sign. Cardinal energy is enterprising, initiating, independent, creative, spontaneous, and forceful. Cancer represents our ability to initiate new emotional states, patterns, and experiences. It’s enterprising which is amongst its strongest qualities. When we are enterprising, we are able to act independently with a sense of readiness to take on difficult tasks. We feel secure in ourselves and capabilities. 

Cancer energy is ruled by the moon. It values flow, traditions, patterns, cycles, and predictability. Its lessons revolve around feeling, nurturing, receptivity, meeting the needs of self and others. It represents our relationship with our feelings and our ability to understand our emotions. It’s a very caring sign and enjoys stability and security.

Cancer energy is a water sign and it signifies our emotions and feelings. Its energy can be used to gain mastery over our emotional patterns. Our emotional patterns for good or bad are created from how we respond to life's difficulties. The way in which we handled emotionally triggering experiences in the past is what determines our current feelings and how we respond to situations in the present. 

Cancer energy is our access to the ancestral realm. Our feelings or not just from our emotional patterns, but also intertwined with that of the emotional patterns of our parents and ancestors. Learning the language of our feelings and emotions connects us with our ancestors. Working with the cancer energy is healing ancestral traumas and is the key to breaking generational curses. 


Cancer energy can feel overwhelmed by emotions if there isn’t a healthy outlet to express them.  This energy tends to get lost in the emotions and can’t see beyond them. Cancer has a natural sensitivity that might be seen as irrational or inappropriate which can cause problems in relationships when others who have a hard time connecting or accepting their own sensitivities.

Cancer energy can be insecure. When emotional experiences feel out of control, cancer may cling to people or things for a sense of security. This may come off as needy, controlling, passive aggressive, but it’s trying to offset the unsettling feelings of instability.


Cancer energy is sensitive to its environment. Cancer has the ability to sympathize, be a healing presence for others, and to know, intuitively, what is needed in any situation. Cancer energy is about embracing your sensitivity, vulnerability and allowing yourself to cry and feel deeply. The gift of Cancer is mastery of emotions. When you master your emotions, you create space to move through feelings as needed instead of suppressing them. This can provide a deep nurturing energy that heals and empowers all who encounter it.

Work with Cancer Energy to:

  • develop awareness of your body’s language to gain access to stored emotions in your body that need to be healed and released. 


  • embrace your sensitivities to quickly detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences in yourself or environment.

  • create emotional security within yourself and someone you trust to understand, express, and process how you truly feel. 

For Cancer season, focus on creating meaning from the things you have been through. Utilize this energy to develop a deep sense of purpose for your life that honors your soul and ancestors. Allow this purpose to be the foundation for the actions you take to make a difference in reaching your goals, and to keep you on track when life be lifin’.

We can help you do all of that! Schedule a discovery call and let’s talk about manifesting your desire.

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