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Elements of Cancer Emotion (Energy)

Elements of Cancer Emotion

  • When I refer to emotion, I’m talking about the energy in motion.

  • No matter your sun sign, we all have Cancer Energy

  • You can utilize this information to become aware of how you experience Cancer energy in your life.

  • Developing awareness of this is helpful for gaining understanding of this emotion as well as how and why it is manifesting in your life.

Cancer is the first zodiac sign within the Summer season. It is the 4th sign of the zodiac.

  • Cancer emotion is our ability to feel what’s happening in our surroundings on a deep level, nurture ourselves and others, and create security within our emotions.

  • Its Zodiac Season is from June 21st - July 22nd.

  • Summer is the time to project.

  • Use Cancer energy to project intentional feelings.

It connects with the numerology of 4 & 8:

  • 4 - order, dependability, dedication, over-cautiousness, patience, stability, repetition

  • 8 - material satisfaction, power, sacrifice, ambition, success, wealth, abundance

It is a Cardinal Sign:

  • enterprising, independent, creative, spontaneous, and forceful

It’s a water element:

  • fluid, flowing, wavering, emotional, receptive, deep, shallow, manipulative, demanding

It relates to the Emotional Self:

  • Our sense of inner signals

  • Our capacity to tune into our feelings

  • It’s the instinctive side of ourselves

  • It’s a collection of behavior patterns and impulsives

  • It gives context to the emotions, feelings and sensitivities

  • It’s the recognition of how our feelings affect us and our performance.

It connects with the Sacral Chakra which is our source of:

  • creativity, sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality, fidelity, receptivity, fluidity, femininity, synchronicity

Its symbol is the Crab:

  • Crabs are a symbol of defense, change & growth, unconventional routes and adaptability. They are resilient, decisive, resourceful, and self reliant.

It’s ruled by the Moon:

  • The Moon represents our unconscious mind which is an aspect of ourselves that connects to our instincts, rhythm, and impulse.

  • Examples of unconscious aspects of ourselves; thoughts, feelings, past memories, sensations, urges, impulses, attractions

Qualities of the Cancer Emotion:

  • caring, nurturing, tenacious, productive, impressionable, apathetic, brooding, over-protective, clingy, moody, irritable, too cautious, lazy, self-centered, clannish, manipulative, martyr

  • Its Key Phrase is ‘I feel’.

The Anatomy of Cancer is Stomach, Womb, Breast, Chest, Lymph System, Breastbone.

Each one of these body parts can symbolize different aspects of how we behave.

  • Stomach: How we take in

  • Womb: How we nurture

  • Breast: How we nourish

  • Chest: How we protect

  • Lymph system: How we move

  • Breastbone: How we deal with love & lost

  • Sensations in these parts of the body are the body’s way of communicating info to you about your Cancer energy and what may need healing.

  • Minor or major issues in these areas can signal disconnection within your Cancer energy.

Here are some signs of Disconnection within Cancer Energy & Intuitive sensations:

Stomach: Lack of fulfillment.

  • A fear of change; Inability to assimilate the new.

  • Sensations: grinding, upset stomach, growling, rumbling, full, but haven’t eaten, bloating, pain, queasy

Womb: Lack of support in emotions.

  • A feeling of not being loved, nurtured, or protected; Needing emotional security.

  • Sensations: Sharp pain, pulling, vibration

Breast: Lack of nourishment.

  • A refusal to nourish the self; Putting everyone else first.

  • Sensations: Sore, tenderness, pain

Chest: Lack of protection.

  • A feeling of insecurity, suppressed emotions (anger, fear, and anxiety), and/or feeling smothered or controlled by others; Desiring to be free.

  • Sensations:: Tightness, burning, pain

Lymph System: lack of movement in life.

  • A feeling of being disconnected from the present moment.

  • Holding on to the past; Needing to accept what is and let go of what was.

  • Sensations: tension, pressure, tingling, swelling, headaches, nausea, and fatigue

Breastbone: Lack of acceptance.

  • A feeling of being heart broken; holding on to grief; Closed off from genuine connection with life and others.

  • Not wanting to feel pain.

  • Sensations:throbbing, pulling, tightness, hard to breathe, thumping, aching

Utilize Cancer Energy to:

Understand your feelings and their relation to your emotions.

  • develop awareness of your body’s consciousness (language) to gain access to stored emotions in your body that need to be healed and released.

Nurture your sensitivities to develop emotional intelligence.

  • grow your sensitivities to gain a deep understanding of the emotions in order to quickly detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences in yourself or environment.

Build a support System for your emotions.

  • create a secure space whether it be within yourself or with someone you trust to understand, express, and process how you truly feel.

We can help you to understand your emotion, read yourself, and gain the deep awareness you need to heal what keeps you from what you desire.

Question to ask yourself:

Are my thoughts about how I feel accurate to what I’m actually experiencing?

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