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Elements of Gemini Emotion(Energy)

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Welcome to Wellness Honie,

  • I’m Alden, Holistic Life Coach.

  • I help people who are finding it hard to work through mind drama and understand their emotions.

  • I help them develop their mindset and create a lifestyle they love.

In this video, I am talking about elements that make up Gemini Energy.

  • No matter your sun sign, we all have Gemini Energy

  • You can utilize this information to become aware of how it manifests in your life.

  • Developing awareness of it is helpful for gaining understanding of this emotion and how it is affecting your life.

Gemini is the third zodiac sign within the Spring season.

  • Its Zodiac Season is from May 21st - June 21st.

  • Spring is the time to generate.

  • Use Gemini energy to generate intentional thoughts.

It connects with the numerology of 3:

  • Self-Expression, Joy Of Living, Creativity, Perfection, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Communication, masculine & feminine relation

It is mutable air;

  • flexible, intelligent, thoughtful, and seeks stimulation.

It relates to the Mental Self:

  • sense of one's own being

  • your personal identity

  • how you understand the physical world

  • represents and reflects the biological processes in the body and brain.

  • sum total of qualities that distinguish the mind of one person from that of another

  • connects to the mind, mindset, mentality, and the attitude you carry about the world.

It connects with the heart chakra which is associated with being:

  • compassionate towards yourself

  • empathetic with others

  • open to genuine connection with the natural environment

Its symbol is the Twins,

  • which represent a dual-natured personality, sometimes contradictory, but also adaptable with the capability to view life from different angles.

It’s ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

  • It absorbs and processes information quickly

Its qualities are

  • Adaptable, Curious, Versatile, Restless, Insensitive, ScatterBrained, Intelligent, Muti tasker, Objective, and Cheerful.

  • Its Key Phrase is ‘I think’.

The Anatomy of Gemini is the nervous system which includes the shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, and fingers.

  • Sensations in these parts of the body are the body’s way of communicating info about Gemini energy and what may need healing.

  • Minor or major issues in these areas can signal disconnection within your Gemini energy.

Disconnection in Gemini energy

Nerves: Fear, anxiety, struggle, rushing. Not trusting the process of life

Shoulders: Carrying the burdens of life.

Lungs: Depression. Grief. Fear of taking in life.

Arms: Anger at being denied love.

Hands: Different ways of dealing with experiences.

Fingers: missed details

Question to ask yourself

  • Am I aware of my relationship with my thoughts?

  • Am I aware of how my thoughts created my current reality?

We can help you to understand your emotion, read yourself, and gain the deep awareness you need to heal what keeps you from what you desire.

Schedule a Discovery Call Below!

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