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The Energy of Gemini Season

Gemini energy signifies our mindset and thought process.

Its energy can be used to gain mastery over our thoughts. Our thoughts can help or hinder us. Utilize this energy to create thoughts that support your reason for why you are taking the actions you are taking. 

Gemini rules our thoughts. 

Our thoughts are a direct reflection of our mindset and who we see ourselves as deep down inside. Our mindset determines how we behave and the actions we take. Each action we take creates our end result. 

Gemini creates clarity. 

It can keep us focused on tasks that lead to success, as well as help us recognize the actions we are taking that seem beneficial to our cause, but are actually hindering our progression. It reminds us that our ideas can manifest in reality with awareness of our thoughts and aligning them with actions that move us closer to what we truly desire.

Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury. 

It values information, novelty, and adaptability. Its lessons revolve around thinking, problem-solving, networking and communication. It represents our relationship with our mind and our ability to solve problems logically. It’s a very curious sign and enjoys learning everything about everything. 

Gemini can be easily distracted by irrelevant information.

This can lead to difficulties focusing, learning challenges, and information overload. This energy tends to follow whatever catches its attention in the moment, without awareness of the bigger picture.


Gemini has the ability to come up with creative solutions to whatever problems that arise.

Activate Gemini energy by learn something new, being open to the unfamiliar, following your intuitive hits, and exploring new ideas. The gift of Gemini is the embracement of your authentic intelligence. Because, when you embrace your authentic intelligence, you will realize your own brand of genius.

Gemini rules the arms, hands, and shoulders! 

It’s a mutable sign. It represents our ability to transition from one thing to the next. It transitions us from the Spring Season to the Summer Season. It’s flexible which is amongst its strongest qualities because when we are flexible we are able to adapt to changing circumstances with ease.

How to utilize this energy.

Focus on your why! This will help you utilize this energy; to create a mindset that supports who you are becoming, to take actions that make a difference in you reaching your goals, and to keep you on track when life be lifin’.

We can help you do all of that!

Schedule a discovery call and let’s talk about manifesting your desire. 

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