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☀️Sun Enters Sagittarius ♐️

Third Quarter Moon Vibes ⠀⠀

Intention: I intent to following things through to the bitter end and find resolve in endings.

Sagittarius brings in higher consciousness, joy for living, hidden desires,time for study, old flames turn to new flames and true passions exposed. Need for release. Need to express and experience. Last bit of light before we enter the dark. Beginning of the end for the Fall season.

Contradictions: Anger and Frustration. Check for the root cause of the Anger & Frustration. Because your surface reason for reacting may not be the actual reason for the reaction and your real reason may be none related to the current situation, but your body needs the release, so it will use the opportunity. Don’t stop yourself from expressing, instead, listen to your thoughts while you are reacting. Let it play all the way out. You might be surprised at what actually surfaces when you’re present.

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