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Summer Season

🔥 Welcome Summer Season 🔥

June 21st - September 21st

Summer symbolizes the eternal fire that burns within all living things; It's what makes us feel alive.

  • It is the most intense part of ourselves.

  • It represents infinite possibilities as it is limitless.

  • It motivates us to make our dreams reality, inspires us to reach our peak potential, and connects us to our truest nature.

  • It relates to our solar plexus chakra (Will Power/ Perseverance), fire element (Motivation/ Desire), and spiritual self (Inspiration/ Discernment).

When we are in our summer energy, just like a movie projector, we project out our feelings, expressions, and processes into the world.

When Summer energy is balanced, you:

  • feel whole within yourself,

  • express your most authentic truths,

  • trust the timing of your life, and

  • are confident in your ability to survive anything.

When Summer energy is imbalanced, you may have trouble:

  • sitting with your feelings,

  • understanding why you attract toxic relationships,

  • being patient with your process, and

  • feeling secure in your ability to handle what happens in your life.

Work with the Summer energy by:

1.) Utilizing the three emotions (energy in motion) that move through the Summer Season; Cancer, Leo, and Virgo:

  • Cancer to create support and security for your feelings. (Cancer Season ☀️♋️ June 22nd - July 22nd)

  • Leo to create authenticity in how you express yourself. (Leo Season ☀️♌️ July 23rd – August 22nd)

  • Virgo to create analysis of how you process what happens in your life. (Virgo Season ☀️♍️ August 23rd – September 22nd)

2.) Setting an intention to realize any blocks that you may have placed on your feelings, expressions, and processes. For example:

  • I intend to realize any blocks that keep me from feeling supported and secure.

  • I intend to realize any blocks that keep me from authentically expressing myself.

  • I intend to realize any blocks that keep me from adequately processing what happens in my life.

3.) Contemplating & journaling on Summer energy and how you can use it to gain your desire. Here are some journal prompts:

  • What inspires me to live each day?

  • What does Summer mean to me and what makes me feel alive?

  • What would I like to accomplish this summer season, and what's one small step that I can take each day to achieve it?

Working with the Summer energy will help you to:

  • accept and embrace your many sensitivities,

  • focus on what inspires you to follow your dreams, and

  • discern between your perspective of reality and what you are actually experiencing.

If you are ready to create momentum towards your desire, book a discovery call below with Holistic Life Coaches, Alden & Valencia, and let's talk about how we can help you to persistently feel alive, inspired, and motivated towards making your dreams reality.

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