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Quarter Three: Full Scorpio Moon

Updated: May 14, 2020



Sun in Taurus and Moon full in Scorpio highlights a time of insightful revelations, active manipulations, extreme focus, and careful dedication. We are drawn into darkness where we question our controls & contemplate our surrenders. Be prepared to be in feelings. It’s a good idea to write down whatever deep reflective thoughts that surface.



death, birth, rebirth, transformation, resourcefulness, consistency, dedication, commerce, travel, philosophy, spirituality, science, politics, investment, finance, property, inheritance, family and sexuality.



Chanel energy into a specific project to give extra insight, inspiration and direction. Consider what could you use this energy to manifest?

A classic man is a distinguished man. He cares about taste and his craft. He's all about the simple model that I live by - eat, drink, be swanky, and have fun getting the job done. He makes sure that he's excellent in all things and that he cares about his neighborhood immensely. - Jidenna, Sun in Taurus / Moon Scorpio

8 Considerations for Full moon Scorpio in Taurus Season


#1 Awaken Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy is the most natural and powerful resource we have available to us. It is the raw power behind creation. Our focus is to feel the depth of our internal power and to be able to connect and direct it consciously with our mind. Our goal is mental force, deep manipulation and concentration, applied pressure, and absolute control. Work with your sexuality to manifest inner callings.

#2 Sellers Market

This is a good time for people working in sales. We are more inept to buy things that highlights our pains and provides direct solution to our problems. Work on selling in every area life. You are value and have something to offer to others. Consider your gifts, talents and skills. What support could you provide to help ease another's pain or suffering whether it be material, emotional, physical, mental, and/ or spiritual?

#3 Hindsight 2020

New opportunities trigger deep insight/ revelations of similar opportunities missed in past.Try not to get hang up on it though. It’s a signal that you are on the right path and finally taking control of your life. Trust your intuitive nudges and keep 'eye" open for all the different ways oppturionites can manifest and act on them with haste.

#4 Admit Weakness

This is time to be really real and be honest about your perceived faults.Take time to highlight your deepest insecurities. The more honest and open you are; the more accurate you will be at acquiring the necessary resources needed to overcome your 'weak' points. Consider a flaw you have. Can it be altered? If so, what can be done? If not, how can you accept it?

#5 Relax and Reflect

Who you are on a subconscious level? Connect with subconscious to better understand recurring circumstances and how to bring end to certain emotional responses. Persistent thoughts are reminders of the things you should really bring some resolve to. Consider one thing you have trouble admitting to yourself, but deep down you know you had fault in.

#6 Accept the Process

Always remember you are doing the very best you can. If you could do better, you would. Be compassionate with Self and efforts. True sustainable change takes time to mature.

#7 Validate Experiences

Validate yourself efforts by remembering your past achievements and celebrate all your many wins & losses over the span of life. Do spend time analyzing past efforts. Utilize the knowledge received to channel energy into your now.

#8 Space for Peace

Be non negotiable on certain aspects of life and self. Don’t compromise who you are at a core level. If it doesn’t sit right within, don’t settle. No matter the perceived benefits or what you would miss. Your inner peace can not be negotiated!

5 Techniques for Activating Taurus / Scorpio Energy

  1. Breathe into Groin to move stuck energy begin by taking deep breath in while expanding stomach; exhale and release breath into groin area. Do at least 8 times or at least until relaxed. Doing so will active the energy flow and a deep sense of calm can follow.

  2. Self Massage groin and pelvis area to break up tension. Use light pressure and keep you hands soft and relaxed begin to massage area In a circular motion. Do both sides of body spend at least 5 - 10 mins on each side.

  3. Focus on Self Pleasure / Masturbation to release stress. Masturbation is normal and healthy activity that stimulates genitals for sexual pleasure, enjoyment, fun, and tension release which may or may not lead to orgasm, but awakes desire and creativity.

  4. Take detox bath to release toxins and anxieties. Run some bath water. Add a few drops of Lavender Oil with 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt to a warm bath. During the bath, take slow deep belly breaths. Let go of the stress and flow with water.

  5. Try Wide-Legged Standing Forward Fold yoga Pose. From Mountain Pose, step out into a wide-legged stance with your toes angled inward slightly. Fold forward at waist. Grab ankle, feet or just place hands on ground. Allow head to hang heavy and relax neck muscles.

Try these 3 Activities to Work with Energy

  1. Eat dark grapes or a ‘piece’ of dark chocolate.

  2. Connect with nature especially where there is water.

  3. Listen to music artist influenced by Taurus or Scorpio Energy. **Check out Jidenna, whose Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio.

8 Celebrities with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio


Mark Zuckerberg born May 14, 1984 is known for Facebook Founder

Isiah Thomas born April 30, 1961 is known for Pro Basketball

Jeffrey Donovan May 11, 1968 is known for acting

Jidenna born May 4, 1985 is know for singing

Bono (U2) born May 10, 1960 is know for singing

Tony Hawk born May 12, 1968 is know for skateboarding

Louis Smith April 22, 1989 is know for gymnastics

Empire State Building born May 1, 1931 located in New York.

Today's Affirmation



Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy!

Connect with us to learn how Taurus and Scorpio Energy could be manifesting in your life.

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