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Updated: Jan 17, 2019

“My life a movie I’m something to see. The teacher asked me what I’m going to be. When I grow up, I’m going to just be me, Jahvon. I do I stick it up, I fuck it up all of the time. I’m on the way to the top. What’s the highest the highest you climb. Ain’t niggas gonna play when it comes to Jahvon.”

Happy Birthday to one of the realist rappers in New Orleans, LG (Lil god), Jahvon Meyers. Listening to an LG will have you pushing through a workout. It will have you pushing through tuff times. I can feel this dude in my spirit. He is definitely inspired and touched by the the most high. Makes sense that the Capricorn energy is strong in his make up. I can feel his grind. I can feel his determination. His determined spirit is like a spark to my flame. It fires me up. It reminds me that I too can do any thing that I put my mind to do and in his words, “ I know ain’t nothing wrong with my mind." He's so real. I can feel his mission and intention. He's the embodiment of what it means to be from the streets of New Orleans. He’s been through enough to recognize the trap he was born in and has the consciousness to evolve past it. He’s God Bodied and pretty much unstoppable. His mind, his words, his voice everything about this dude reminds me of my heavenly father. He’s the divine masculine reincarnated in human form. check him out. He's a rising star. Here's my assessment and reading of this tenacious energy




Name: Jahvon Meyers

Stage Name: Little god / LG

Date: January 12, 1994

Time: 1:59am


Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Capricorn (New Moon)

Mercury: Capricorn

Venus: Capricorn

Mars: Capricorn

Jupiter: Scorpio

Saturn: Aquarius

Uranus: Capricorn

Neptune: Capricorn

Pluto: Scorpio

Ascendent/ Rising: Scorpio

Chiron: Virgo

North Node: Sagittarius (Retrograde)

South Node: Gemini

MC/ Mid-Heaven: Leo


Life Path: 9

Birth Date: 12/3

Expression: 11/ 2

Heart’s Desire/ Soul Urge: 8


Jah - the Rastafarian name of God

Von - German Origins, Von is a preposition that means "of" (belonging to) or "from."

Jahvon is of Hebrew origin

Name Meaning: from God; Belonging to God; of God

Meyers: from German surname meier = 'higher, superior', a name for landholder's stewards and great farmers or leaseholders

Deriving from Latin major domus = 'mayor or supervisor of the household'


4 of Pentacles: Stability, Surety, Grounding, Determination, Drive

Wheel of Fortune: Success, Conquer, Knowledge, Wisdom

10 Pentacles: Family & Love Success, Long term success , Material Dreams Attained



Young Nigga with a lot of sauce. I try to think all the wiser thoughts. My paw used to bump Bob Marley and Tupac when I was in the car. Calculating all the shit I saw. Realizing I done made it far. - Jahvon, LG

Jahvon Meyers, LG, Lil god has high ideals which he gets from Life Path number 9 . This makes him an inspirational leader for the generation. He has a strong spiritual awareness and higher consciousness. He also has a deep desire to teach and serve the greater good of humanity. He’s a teacher, but not in the “traditional” since. He teaches by actions and living his truth. He knows he has a message that was given to him and he must express that message in the most creative ways. He’s meant to reach star status, but not for his own glory, but for the glory of God.

His Sun Sign in Capricorn gives off the impression that his main focus in life is build finical wealth, but in truth is his ASC / Rising Sign in Scorpio and Soul Urge Number 8 tells a slightly different story. His soul desires power and mastery of self and his surroundings. There is just something about him that people can’t help, but be attracted to. This is also where he get's his magnetism, mysterious, quiet, and slightly manipulative nature. Manipulative in the way where he can change his persona to match whatever the situation is called for.

He's a natural healer and meant to provide healing to the world with the 12/ 3 Energy and MSC Mid- Heaven in Leo Energy that surrounded him at birth influences his creative genus and his need to express his self through the arts. He's meant to sunshine and to influence as many people as possible through his creativity. He has a joy for life and wants to make life his playground. His will power is strong and has the ability to act on his ambitious without question. He has both an independent and dependent side. The best way to describe him is interdependent. He understands the need for independence within partnership. He has the ability to start and finish. He is driven, yet patient. He has determination and the sustainability. He knows when to progress forward and when to fall back.Chiron in Virgo gives him his gift for health and healing, his love for detail and organizing.

Because of the dominant Capricorn Energy surrounding him - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Uranus, he’s a hard worker, enterprising, has really good business sense and is very determined to reach his dreams. Even through he knows that his dreams are destined to happen, he still forges through and creates his own lane; instead of just waiting for it to happen or for others to make a way for him. He’s also grounded in the physical world and desires stability and comfort. He desires to provide for not just him self, but all the people who have been loyal to him since day one. Providing goes beyond monetary, he desires to provide opportunities.

Venus Placement in Capricorn the people in his life provide the reason for why he works so hard. His way of showing love is through providing. He's not the romantic type. He may even neglect his partner by over working, but he will make up for it with security and loyalty. He is loyal and dedicated to his partner and will make an effort to make things work under any circumstance. He can be a bit self absorbed, but he needs a partner who is very understanding, compassionate and have their own life. He needs a partner who is equally driven. The best love match for him is if his love works with him in business because that's how they will be able to spend time together.

New Moon in Capricorn placement means his emotional self is realistic, but reflective. His desire is to have emotional stability in his life so he does desire marriage and family. He desires to balance love and career life. He needs both to support his mission because his family life is the source of his creativity and passion for living. It keeps him reminded of why he's working so hard to expand his financial horizons. He's also caution, reserved and observant. He's very practical and rational about his emotions and the situations he's involved in. Neptune in Capricorn placement would seem as if his desires and dreams would be practical and stable and if they are not he will figure a way to make them practical and obtainable.

Even through Capricorn is the dominant sign in his chart, it’s not in its rulership planet, Saturn. Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Capricorn, however, they are in mutual reception which means they are connected and pair well together. This is great for his career path because Aquarius ensures he will be original, creative and unconventional in his self expression, yet Capricorn gives the drive and enterprising knowledge to make himself and his creative ideas profitable. Thanks to the Aquarius in Saturn, He has a very unique perspective about life that most people may not truly understand. Nevertheless, he’s able to attract creative and unique people around him that are down for his cause. He also desire a certain level of commitment and loyalty from friends and family who are constant forces in his life.

It would seem that his true motivation/ desires for this life would lie in the strong Capricorn Vibration and he would desire sticking to the traditional routes; however, because Pluto is in Scorpio which is in the sign of rulership, he’s destined to challenge the status quo and usher in a new vibration that no one has ever seen before. He’s meant to lead his generation past the outdated programs that were handed down to them.

Pluto being in Scorpio around the time of his birth ensures that sex, death, transformation, and rebirth will be recurrent themes in this life. He has and will see much loss in his life, but it’s all for his betterment. He must release any and all baggages that could potentially hold him back from achieving his goals. His true motivation is power and change of consciousness for all of humanity. He’s to remind society of its shadow side that it tries to hide under smoke and mirrors. He sees past the “ facades ” of this reality. Kind of like Neo from the matrix. He desires to go into the deepest depths of this reality. He's constantly reinventing his Self and expanding his consciousness to evolve past the mundane and contradictions of this life. Jupiter being in Scorpio is what drives and motivates him for wealth and abundance.

The number 11/ 2 vibration means he’s cooperative, intuitive, a good listener, nurturer, self motivated, and emotionally intelligent. He has access to knowledge that others just don’t have access too. However, a negative of the 11 is Self doubt. He should avoid questioning his self too much because it would be to his detriment. He must trust in the visions that has been given to him.

South Node in Gemini/ North Node: Sagittarius (Retrograde) suggest that in his past life, he may have found too much comfort in close friends, family and his local community which prevented him from fully realizing his full potential. He also may have not had people around him that had his best intentions at heart. He may have let negative influences keep him from succeeding.


Jahvon will reach world fame success because of his tenacious drive and deep hunger to survive under any and all circumstances. There is nothing that can stop or stand in his way, but himself. He's ambitions and he has drive to succeed. He’s self motivated and destined to be what he’s on! It’s written he just has to keeping pushing through, taking chances, following his heart and making the necessary moves when called too.

Lessons In this life + Advice:

He must not get stuck in what’s familiar. He must find community every where he goes. He can’t get too comfortable in his local identity or to wrapped up in what’s familiar. When the time comes for him to move to another place outside of his community, he must without hesitation or second thought.

It’s best if he keeps a positive mind and not second guess his self too much. He should avoid questioning his self too much because it would be to his detriment. He must trust in the visions that has been given to him.

Surround his self with people who are dedicated to him and his visions. Jahvon is only has good as the people he put around him. If he surrounds him self with negative people this will influence him and the outcome of his life.

Balance love and career life. Don't work so much to the point of neglecting love and family life. He needs a partner who is equally driven. The best love match for him is if his love works with him in business because that's how they will be able to spend time together.

Celebrities with Sun and Moon in Capricorn; Rising/ Ascendent in Scorpio: Tyrese Gibson

Celebrities with Sun and Moon in Capricorn: James Earl Jones, Debbie Allen

Celebrities with Pluto in Scorpio: Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Drake, Chris Brown, Adele, The Weeknd, LeBron James, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Ciara, Mike Phleps, Wiz khalifa, Solange Knowles, ASAP Rocky, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, Lily Allen, G- Easy, Kid Cudi, Bow Wow, Leona Lewis, Raven-Symoné, Trey Songz, Big Sean, J Cole, Jhene Aiko, Mandy Moore, Thomas Jefferson, Zoë Kravitz, Future, Lauren Conrad, Stephen Curry, Cassie, Lil Romeo, Karrueche Tran, Sam Smith, Miguel, Jojo, Socrates, Meghan Trainor, SZA, Kehlani Parrish, Janelle Monáe, Tiger, Travis Scott, Michael B. Jordan ,Tinashe, Jason Derulo, Joss Stone, Meek Mill, Souja Boy, Kevin Durant, Colbie Caillat, Chance the Rapper, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Keke Palmer, Teyana Taylor, Jordin Sparks, Lil Uzi Vert, Russell Westbrook, T-Pain, Omarion

Celebrities Famous Life Path Number 9: Bob Marley, Mother Theresa, Tyra Banks, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, , Whitney Houston, Kurt Russell and Sharon Stone


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