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First Quarter: Taurus New Moon

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The darkness of the 1st quarter moon denotes the beginning, and cues the initiation phase. It is the ideal time to get clear on focus and set intentions for the use of the incoming energy that is in motion this cycle.

5 Considerations for Taurus New Moon

  1. Be mindful with resources, get deep into feelings, take care of finances, connect with nature, and create comfortable environments that support a sense of ease, security, and relaxation.

  2. Submerge into the senses and allow Self to fully experience feeling deeply while doing every day activities i.e cooking, eating foods, walking outside, sharing space with another, playing games, etc.. No matter the activity, do it with the intention of fully embracing the feelings that emerge.

  3. Self care is extremely important. Loving up on Self is key. Spend the time pouring into Self with love and acceptance. Be that overflowing cup that pours into others effortlessly without much conscious thought.

  4. Question the core beliefs. What do we believe to be true about ourselves and our environment? This is time to reevaluate long standing beliefs; set boundaries that brings resolve to behavior patterns that are contradictory to our core beliefs.

  5. Create ease in communication between thoughts and feelings. Spend time engaged and express truths. Doing so with create more clarity and peace of mind will be attained.

Try New Moon Taurus Chakra Detox !

Please let us know if any of these detox techniques work for you. Email us at with your thoughts. We would love to chat with you.


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