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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

New Moon

The new moon energy is an opportunity to go inner and deals with our subconscious realities it seeks clarity through dreams, intuition, and feelings.

Solar Eclipse

During a solar eclipse, the focus shifts to encompass our conscious realities which seeks clarity through encounters, challenges, and emotions.


Capricorn is an earth sign and desires domination on the material plane just like Taurus, but unlike Taurus which seeks money and possessions to fulfill its love for sensuality, comfort and luxury. Capricorn seeks status as to prove its worth and power to fulfill its need to be successful at life. It desires the prestige behind the material possessions and how having those possessions crafts the image that it wants portrayed.

Capricorn realizes success is the result of hard work and dedication towards a meaningful cause. The possessions acquired is the result of successfully achieving goals that are aligned with its purpose. It doesn’t strive for the money. It strives for recognition and position which can lead to wealth and financial security. It’s goal is to build the foundation and be the example of its ideals for generations to come.

Capricorn energy connects our Earth purpose with the spiritual one and is a major influence for Wellness Honie for when we founded it on January 5, 2018 the Sun, Venus and Pluto was in Capricorn. We have a strong desire for our spiritual mission and earthly mission to be in sync and we want everything that we do to be a reflection of that. We desire for our community to realize meaning in everything they pursue - whether it is to start a family, lose unhealthy weight, resolve chronic ailments or reprogram current habits.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which holds our karma, struggles and challenges for this life cycle. And It is played out through different circumstances that we are in and act as teaching points from the universe. How we respond, manage and apply what was realized is how we progress forward.

By innerstanding ourselves, understanding the world around us, and overstanding - how we influence it and how it influences us, we can gain peace within. You matter and you are here for a reason. And the Capricorn Energy wants you to realize it and become the most successful person at expressing it in your own creative way.

We will be having a new moon/solar eclipse gathering on the 26th at Branch Gardens from 7- 10pm. Expect group discussion, healing energy exchange, one card tarot, breathing, meditation and intention / goal setting for the upcoming calendar cycle. If interested, please contact us for more information.

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