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New Moon Sagittarius

New Moon Sagittarius:

a time for action!

Not time for going too deep into emotions. Time to take things higher. Time for healing mental and spiritual. Time to redefine the spirit of why you doing what you doing. Time for planning, Time for big dreams. Time for meditation. Time for prayer. Time for getting connected to the spiritual. Time for completion. Time for gathering strength. Time for study. Time for learning new skill. Time for removing clutter and organizing. Time for updating. Time for decorating. Time for progression in our thoughts and emotions. Time to end useless emotional and mental patterns. Time to step up and be the authority in your life. Time to stand up to yourself. Don’t back down! Time to walk it like you talk it. Time to lay down the foundation. Time for unparalleled strength and force. Time to prepare for new chapter. Waiting is coming to end. Get ready to move on your dreams.

xo WellnessHonie

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