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New Moon in Gemini Energy Reading Via the Tarot

New Moon in Gemini Energy Reading Via the Tarot

Today, the sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Gemini. For this reading, I used The tradition Ryder Wade Deck + The Goddess Guidance Deck by Doreen Virtue and inspired by my own experiences with this energy.

Intention: What's the energy surrounding me?

6 of Swords

There is a very difficult situation that has presented itself to you. Don’t run away from it. Allow yourself to get wrapped up in, but keep your mind focus on what truly matters: allow yourself to feel the situation out and gain the hidden knowledge necessary for your healing journey. Don’t allow your self to get stuck in the emotions. Ride above the emotions. Realize that this is a situation that will bring about great change you and for you. Be able to see through this tuff situation for what it really is by Letting go of mental chatter and negative self talk and negative thoughts of others; realize the many opportunities for healing.

Hathor/ Receptivity

Be open to receiving the spiritual downloads about the situation to what may be causing the emotional and mental confusion. Follow the flow of your life, be open to traveling into the unknown. Face your fears and lead with open mind and heart. Situation could be dealing with major unexpected changes in family, business, financial, and/ or spiritual. You may not have seen it coming. Be receptive of this opportunity for spiritual growth and insight. It’s an opportunity to work with your intuition.

10 of Swords

The situation could be giving you some major anxiety. You maybe experiencing a lot of regret. May not be able to sleep. May be suffering from insomnia. Maybe worried of the affects on future. But it is needed to challenge an outdated or unrealized mental perspective that needs to change for you to be able to move forward. However you were looking at a situation before is being called in to question. Speak up for yourself, but also allow space for others to speak up for themselves as well. Everyone has something important to bring to the table.

Kuan Yin - Compassion

Follow the prompts of your heart, but have compassion for yourself and others in this challenging situation. Try to remember what you love and admire instead of constantly reminding yourself of what you don’t like. Everyone/ thing is perfect just the way it is. Be mindful that everyone is trying to figure things out from their own point of view which is shaped by their own life experiences. There is no right or wrong. Be respectful and humble. That’s the only way you will get the necessary lessons needed for this upcoming cycle.

7 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Look back on the situation with fresh eyes to see what is missing from your current perspective. See how you can improve and do better. Taking time to thoroughly analyze all sides of situation past, present future to see were you perpetuated or instigated. And how it affects your current situation and how it could continue to affect your future if you don’t wake up to it.

Kali / Endings and Beginnings

Once you thoroughly understand.. release the animosity and hurt feelings, so you can move forward. You may not like how it transpired, but understand it had to happen, so that a new chapter can beginning. Take responsibility of your actions and apologize if called. No matter if you never get the similar response. But proud that you did all you could to find peace. It's time to release and transform. Use this time to manifest the things you need for the new cycle.

The Hanged Man Reversed

Don’t move to fast allow your self time to really think about what you want this situation to blossom into the future. Take the time to meditate, rest, and contemplate what you want for yourself. What lessons did this situation reveal? You may feel stuck or delayed, but take opportunity to really think and feel. Once you surrender to this time of reflection and truly process all that is happening, you will natural feel unstuck and free to move!

Lakshmi/ Bright Future

Lessons revealed from this situation will illuminate the future and light up your path. You can begin to release all worry and residue of stress. This situation is key to success in future. It will boast confidence, compassion and love of self and others. It will strengthen your solar plexus.. healing in feelings. Be healing to others by healing yourself. Open third eye and flowing with the emotional cycles. Be confident in your feelings and emotions and abilities to get through the tuff the situations when called to do so.

The High Priestess

Trust your intuition and messages you are receiving from your current environment on how to move forward. All the information is flowing to you. You just have to connect with your inner wisdom by really sitting with yourself with no distractions. Get in touch with that inner voice that’s always there but gets drowned out by all the negative thoughts and miss interpretations of feelings. Have faith in this voice to guide you in the direction of fulfillment. 

Nemetona/ Sacred Space

Take the time to connect with your divinity. Light candles, say prayers, mediate, rest and be still so you can be in the presence of the most high. Get in touch with your higher self. Allow it to guide your steps. Go within yourself for the answers you seek. Perfect time to visit a spiritual place, or practice your favorite ritual. Write out your intentions for the new Moon inspired by all that you have been through. Spend time reflecting on what really matters to you.

Wheel Of Fortune

Because of your courage and desire to continue to make yourself whole things are now changing around you. Because you worked on your inner self and is now consciously aware of the old outdated perceptions about yourself and others. Your outer self and conscious world is reaping benefits of the hard work and dedication you’ve been putting into bettering yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, however it manifest, new career, new idea, new relationship, new partnership, new attitude! 

Savasvasti/ The Arts

Express yourself artistically. Find a creative outlet to express all that you have learned. Maybe use this renewed energy on an upcoming assignment, event or project. Whatever you focus this energy is sure you be beneficial to you inn some way. Open yourself up and let your cup run over and be inspiration for others .


#NewmoonInGemini utilize this energy to deal with subconscious issues that could be disconnecting you from important relationships or keeping you from exploring new relationships. Allow the disruption to spark new ideas and thought patterns that will shape your conscious mind for the future cycles. Build sustainable connections with people around you. Spend the time and effort letting them know you want to heal old wounds and move forward. Allow new people space In your life you. You never know who will be that one that comes along and changes everything. It’s like how did you ever get by before without them?! Also, Learn something whether new or relearn something you forgot. Focus on education, intelligence, gaining knowledge through active pursuit.. take the opportunities avaliable to strengthen communication on all levels!

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