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New Moon Capricorn

The new moon signals the turning point in the cycle where the energy is focused on setting intentions.

Capricorn is an earth sign. It is very practical and hard working. It is a sign that encourages us to spend as much time as we need in developing our legacies. It represents commitment, tenacity, determination, and achievement.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn represents hard lessons. It can reveal our dharma. Our dharma is our “duty/purpose” and is only realized through consistent interactions with adversity.

Saturn is a slow planet, it indicates where we seek patience. It is the symbol of what constricts us for our evolution. It represents disappointments, setbacks, pain, and growth.

Organs influenced by and associated with Capricorn / Saturn are the knees, joints, backbone, spinal muscles, patella, bones, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair, spleen, the organ of balance.

Ailments affecting these organs could indicate issues with purpose, long term vision, legacy, achievement, career/vocation, status in society, inflexibility, and/or work ethic.

For example, the knees represent flexibility. Flexibility plays an essential role in our lives. Stiffness, inflammations, and torn ligaments in joint areas reflect lack of flexibility regarding our mindset. If you are experiencing issues with your knees, it could indicate being inflexible in some area in your life. The knees also represent our ability to achieve our goals.

Focus on strengthening these areas of the body by providing them with the proper wellness—rest, reflection, nutrition, and fitness. These organs are more sensitive during the new moon provide them with extra care. Surgical operations are not recommended during the New Moon.

The Capricorn symbol is the goat. Goats are tenacious. They will climb mountains to get to where they need to go. The goat can represent dedication to the destination and hard work with intention.

In sports, the G.O.A.T means the ‘Greatest of All Time’. It’s given to those with superior athletic abilities who have crafted massive legacies. These people leave profound marks in sports that live on in sports history.

New moon Capricorn provides space for introspection on our greatest purpose, and the legacies we want to leave when we depart this Earth.

What will be the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical legacies that you leave for future generations?

During this time, reflect on your purpose for living and the goals you would like to accomplish. Consider your gifts and plan to utilize them in efficient ways to aid in achieving your intentions.

Prepare to take the lead in your life and activate your determination. Align your actions with your long term fulfillment. Focus on writing out or updating your long term visions!

New Moon Capricorn Assessment

Time Allotment: 20 - 30min


  • Grab pen and paper (preferably journal) or open up note taking app on device.

  • Find comfortable environment

  • Set timer for 20 - 30mins

  • Close eyes and get in touch with your inner stillness. Allow mind to settle and body to relax. When you are ready, open eyes, and begin the assessment.

Part 1. Assess your Ambition

What do you need to accomplish? And Why do you have to accomplish this goal?

Write down 1 long term goal to manifest by Winter 2021 and why you have to.

Part 2. Set your Intention

Who do you need to be to accomplish this goal?

Write down list of qualities you have or need to develop.

Part 3. Release your Expectations

What outcome would be ideal?

Write down what you would ideally like to manifest.

Release attachments by taking slow deep breathes in while exhaling out imagine your attachment to specific outcomes flowing from your mind and body. Allow feelings of trust and surrender to fill your mind and body.

Part 4. Affirm your Intention

Repeat the following 10x:

I will accomplish all things that are in alignment with my purpose for living.

Keep assessment in a place that you can contin view until you fulfill it!

Final Thoughts

Where Capricorn is in your astrology chart, can give insights on how you can fulfill your purpose.

Where Saturn is in your chart, can reveal the hard lessons you are experiencing in this life.

This information can help you realize how you can best focus your energies to reach a true sense of fulfilment as you move through life and attainment of your goals .

Book a Clarity Session

Gain insights into the Capricorn Energy in your chart, and how it could be affecting your life.

Our Clarity Session is delivered through a 60min intuitive conversation. During the session, we may utilize reiki, tarot, and/or astrology to gain more insight into your situation. You will get a written summary of the session with holistic recommendations, and zoom recording.

Until We Connect,

Sending you Love, Light,

and Healing Vibez,

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