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New Moon Aries

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

New Moon Aries is calling for us to remove our daily mundane distractions and listen to the messages laying dormant in our crown chakras. We are being called to remember our soul's purpose and collective wisdom. Getting back to our roots and reconnecting with our ancestors, to remember the truths of our origins; we are divine beings who are having a human experience.

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We are called to reconnect with our families to heal from past traumas buried deep within the family line. We are being called to nurture our seeds and provide them with a safe space to be themselves. We have to educate them about their soul's purpose and connection to the universe, not just educate them to get ahead in the matrix. We are remembering our tribal mentality, our ability to develop strong family bonds, and our traditions of playing, cooking, working, and learning together as one complete unit. We are called to reconnect with our divinity. We have gotten way too far off track and it is time to come back to center so that we can regroup and reconnect with ourselves and Mother Nature. The cosmic order is changing and there is a shift happening in the power structure of the matrix.

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New Moon Aries is preparing us to awaken our christ consciousness. It’s time to transcend. In order to awaken, we must equip ourselves with knowledge of self and break free from ignorance we have inherited. This ignorance played a crucial part in our rapid global expansion. Consequently, it keeps us disconnected from our Divine Feminine Energy, our instincts, internal knowing and inner awareness. This ignorance pushed us forward and closer to our Divine Masculine Energy, our intuition, our external knowledge and outer awareness.

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We sacrificed connection to our mother, nature, so that we could make innovative breakthroughs in technology. Technological advancements connecting all walks of life around the world, and increasing the global knowledge we all share about the world around us. We have accomplished this task, and now the time has come for us to reconnect with our divine mother and regain the knowledge of feeling and knowing the energy of our internal source, instead of intellectualizing it. It's time to get out of our minds and into our bodies to actually experience the divine presence that is all encompassing and always around.

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There is a war within ourselves; an epic power struggle. Our current higher Self likes its current position, but now it must lower its positioning and be sacrificed in spirit to lead the lower self, so that our new higher awareness can manifest our new Ego and guide our energy flow this zodiac cycle. It's the time now for us to pick up our crosses and carry them to our resurrections. With the demotion of the higher self, Ego Death is inevitable. Around Easter Sunday, our egos will be stretched out and sacrificed on the cross at the intersection of our four manifested selves - Physical ( Earth, Lower Self), Mental (Air, Higher Self ), Spiritual (Fire, Witness Self), and Emotional (Water, Shadow Self) .

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When resurrected (transmuted), our new ego will be touched with universal knowledge, divine wisdom, and discernment. We will be ready to tackle our purpose knowing that everything will work out in our favor. Those of us that heed to what is being asked and carry out the necessary sacrifices, will reap rewards, but for those of us who miss the call, will suffer this cycle, will experience turbulence, and peace will not be afforded. .

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New Moon Aries is going to bring up themes that encourages progression, leadership, and initiation. It is also showcasing desires that we are so desperately wanting to act on and the circumstances we so desperately want to be free from such as financial debt, negative thought patterns, unfulfilling jobs, unhealthy weight, unproductive habits and unsatisfying relationships. We will discover what we really want to focus on and why we feel it seems to never be the right time to start.

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New Moon Aries will usher in the subconscious awareness of how we can make way towards starting our passion projects. It will also bring up situations that will showcase what keeps us nervous, restless, and anxious. Personal fears and repressive feelings will surface. We will be more determined than ever before, to face these fears and obstacles. We know if we do, we will create a paradigm shift in our mentality. This shift is the key to manifesting our desires into this material realm.

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Our challenge this moon cycle is temperance and patience, so that we can unlock our ultimate potential. When the Sun enters the Aries Constellation on April 18, we will need to be aware of when things need to be started and finished immediately, as well as when things just need to be started now and finished at a later date. We need to be able to start projects and still be able to balance what we have on our plates already. We can’t just focus all of our attention on one aspect of our lives.

We need to schedule out our time efficiently so that we have enough time and energy for all the things that matter in our lives. We have to pace ourselves and move only when it’s time. Do not charge forward prematurely, because doing so could potentially result in physical injuries , mental anxieties and emotional aches. It’s time to slow down and move with the universal flow and follow its guidances for our lives. We will be mindful of our masculine energy, present with our feelings, and have trust in its wisdom to guide us in the physical material world.

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Let us take full advantage of the opportunity to pause and reflect. Understanding ourselves on a intimate level is the focus of this cycle, so Let us dig deep within our psyche and seek parts of ourselves that we have long sense forgotten. We will use what is discovered in setting meaningful intentions. For this New Moon, consider what you want to utilize the Aries energy for the next moon cycle when we will be entering Taurus Season and this Aries Energy will be live. Taking the time to set intentions for the cycle, is probably the most crucial thing we can do for peace of mind and actualizing our desires. Creating powerful intentions will raise our vibrations to match that which is being manifested. Check the post we created called The energy of Intention.

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Let us follow our passions, trust our guts, and listen to our minds when it goes to standing up to the challenges we will face these next coming weeks. Let us stand in our peace because this is the beginning of awakening into the new dimensional reality. We are shifting our focus from following what we had programmed in us by the matrix to activating our divine purpose that was encoded in us by the universe. This is the time to step into our leadership potential where we will be able to lead others during this time of universal awakening.


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