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Mercury in Cancer Reading

Updated: May 29, 2020

Mercury the planet of communication transits the highly emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer from May 28 - Aug 4. Cancer connects with the fourth house and all the themes that go along with it such as family life & its environment, childhood & its experiences, nurturing and the mother. Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon. The moon represents our innate reactions and the things we need to feel emotionally comfortable and secure. During Mercury's transit through Cancer, communicating with more sensitivity will have a calming effect on the people around you which will allow them to trust you more. Take the time to listen and allow yourself to be open vulnerable. Take notice when you are more inclined to speak out from your emotions for positive or negative.

It is a good time to have the difficult conversations that you have been putting off for sometime now. Deal with issues within your home and family life now. Be open and honest when expressing what you want for your future in your relationships. Expect emotionally charged conversations. Taking the time to your develop your intuition and emotional intelligence you will find to be of value. These communication skills will be beneficial moving forward The topics and themes that are discussed, expressed and engaged now will be easier to understand and bring resolve to when Mercury Rx on Jun 18. When past issues, relationships and people may surface and potentially complicate or exacerbate tension in current relationships.

To work with this energy, set an intention to be open, vulnerable and honest when communicating with others.

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