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Mars in Pisces: Purpose Driven

Mars enters Pisces on May 13 until June 27 2020

No matter the situation, I stay focused and motivated on my goals because that's the way I was raised. - Kelly Rowland, Mars in Pisces

Mars is the Planet of Raw Energy and Action

It’s considered masculine in nature; It has a temperament that is hot, dry and choleric. In the body, it rules the chemical messengers/hormones, gallbladder, musculature, left ear, male reproductive organs, testosterone, adrenal glands and epinephrine (adrenaline). It influences the red blood cells, iron, catabolic metabolism and sense of smell. Mars has a profound impact on our energy and within its core, it has an abundance of drive, courage, initiation and persistence. This raw energy can be used to achieve much success, but it needs positive intention and direction to fully manifest its fullest potential. It rules the signs Aries and Scorpio. Aries is cardinal fire and it represents the beginning phrase of creation which is linked to the growth and new life of Spring Season. Aries Sign is the reflection of Mar’s dynamism and forward momentum. Scorpio is fixed water and is also ruled by Pluto, the planet of rebirth and death. Scorpio represents the the transformative phrase of creation which is linked to the change and natural degradation of Fall Season. The Scorpio sign is a reflection of Mars’s natural destructive nature. When imbalanced Mars can manifest as resentful, vengeful, angry, and temperamental. Though it can be expressed negatively, it can also be expressed as desire, intention, hope, strength, faith, and free will when it is expressed positively. Mars is the fire that moves us forward through the challenging times, drives us to change what is, and has the tenacity to overcome the negativity that we all find within ourselves and the world around. This realization of our inner strength provides us with the confidence in our ability to overcome and succeed through any obstacles we may face. It is what ultimately allow us to present our true selves to the world and to walk our own unique paths.

Pisces is the Sign of Unconscious Awareness

Pisces is rules by the planet Neptune which is linked to spirituality, extrasensory observations, magic and ritual. It influences our dreams, daydreams, fantasy, creativity and imagination. It naturally drawn to philosophy, the arts, and science. Pisces Energy unifies, dissolves, and empathizes. In the body, it is related to the lymphatic system, body fluids, blood, the feet, and psyche. When imbalanced, it can express as a vulnerability to worry, stress, anxiety and phobias and can manifest illnesses that can include the feet, such as gout, athlete’s foot, dry skin and chilblains. Also, excessive mucus and sinus issues, coughs and water retention across the body. Pisces prefers the dream realm over reality because there it can do and be whatever. It can go where ever in what ever time timeframe it chooses. It could move fluidly through past, present and future with our the constraints of time like when it is operating in the material realm.

Mars in Pisces: Driven by Purpose

Mars in Pisces encourages creative expression and going after things with love and compassion. Being aware of and following ones spiritual and emotional revelations. Pisces can cultivate spiritual insights from the metaphysical realities via the dreamworld and the unconscious realms. With the Mars energy influencing this sign, it is motivated to utilize those spiritual insights to creatively progress its ideals and purpose. Mars in Pisces triggers the desire to take dreams and make them an actuality. With this transit, we are less motivated to go after outdated traditional goals that society has set for us, and are more inspired to pursue our inner aspirations. Pisces gives purpose to our raw and direct Mars energy. Mars in Pisces can give metaphysical context to the energy we expend to pursue our goals. There is an opportunity in this transit to get clear on purpose and direction for our lives and to develop goals that are aligned with that purpose. Utilize this energy to live in accordance with your purpose and make yourself a sustaining force and an aggressive agent in goal pursuit and attainment. Purpose is critical for helping us to organize our lives and develop persistence that resonates across time and context.

Would you like guidance on working with the Mars & Pisces Energy and living purpose driven? Feel free to contact us at

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