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♇luto quintile Chiron

Unlock your Pain; Find Purpose

Activation point: triggering the inner healer

Pluto transforms our ideas of legacy

Quintile reshapes our determination

Chiron shifts our pain into raw force

Transforming Pluto is in our sign of Capricorn which holds our long term pursuits. Capricorn holds our Life long Purpose. It’s what we are here to accomplish; It is our legacy. Pluto is transforming our sense of purpose and legacy. We are feeling different priorities emerging and as a result conflicts from past priorities are triggering old wounds. There is a major shift happening in focus and is changing the cope of what we want our legacies to be. The comet Chiron, mark of healing, is in our sign of Aries, our ability to initiate, have faith, and trust in the prompts of our souls. Chiron is using our wounds to guide us to fulfilling our soul’s mission. It wants us to make our healing top priority. It wants us to trust in the wisdom gained, have faith that the sacrifices were not all in vein and utilize what was learned to help others heal.

Our wounds are key to unlocking power transformation. Transformation is a phenomenal we are here to experience on a consistent bases. Transformation makes it possible for overstanding our reasoning for reincarnation. Knowing our reason for entering this plane is an act of mastery; a sense of consciously being aware of our healing potentiality and actively stepping into it. The key to transmutation and fulfillment is recognizing how our wounds and engagement with those wounds is the legacy we are called to leave. What do we use the wounds to create? Let’s stop hiding our wounds because many people could benefit from our pains. The hurt that we “strive” to overcome is our Healer’s mark; it’s our inner christ. It’s our cross we bare for the love of humanity. It’s our gift to others just for living and fighting for this existence. Healing is our birth right - as living breathing souls, not just deemed for certain “blessed” people. We all are healers who at times just need a little guidance in remembering and this transit does just that. Healing is a very useful power to have active and available for use. We all can tap into the healing power and live our lives following our divine callings.

♇ quintile Chiron transit in Taurus Season triggers:


  1. Recognition of new ways to transform through wounds

  2. Clarity and purpose

  3. Universal healing of world

  4. Realization of healing abilities

  5. Helping others heal through our affliction

How to Utilize


Look back to Aries Season (March 20 – April 19) & Capricorn Season (December 21 to January 20)

What situations where you dealing with? What ideas were flowing around? What were your triggers you? What goals did you set?

Look into you astrology chart and see placement of where both Chiron and Pluto is at to give an idea to how themes may manifest for you.

Journal Prompts


How can you form healthy relationships with what pains?

How does your past wounds affects your beliefs?

How does these beliefs ultimately impact your reality and ability to manifest resources in the material world?

What physical, mental, spiritual and/ or emotional wounds do you carry daily that you never seem to get over??

What trauma have you developed a large knowledge bank about that could potentially reduce another’s suffering?

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