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Lessons from Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo + Full Lunar Eclipse + Sun in Aquarius

Question: What’s some lessons from Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo + Full Lunar Eclipse + Sun in Aquarius ?

4 Wands: Trust in the Strong Spiritual Foundations / Motivations that have been built for yourself and with others. This will be template for future foundations.

6 swords: Ride on top of the water / emotions . Make the necessary moves no mater the perceived outcome or mental disruption. Find stability and comfortability in the unstable and unpredictable.

Strength: Self care is Strength. Spending time with your ego and giving it much need attention. Make sure it feels loved and appreciated. Play close attention to it and watch its actions. Make sure its mission is aligned with your soul's mission.

We are leaving familiarity, comfort, stability moving into new season in life cycle where things are not as comfortable or stable as they once were; exploring new horizons will lead to strength of character. Mentally moving on the spirits of the strong and balanced foundations you manifested in past cycles realizing where your true strength lies; partnership with self. It's a time to transform the way you look at your relationship with Self and others. It's a time to examine your inner and outer worlds and see if they are on the same accord. Present situations will challenge all what you hold as true and shed new perspective on what you currently perceive as community.

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