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In this post, we talk about the imbalanced throat chakra and the unhealthy habits that can develop as a result. Chakra means “wheel” and refers to energy points in the body.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. Its color is blue. It's located at the base of the throat. It is connected to the thyroid gland, neck, teeth, ears, and regulates our sense of security, leadership, and expression.

It affects the throat, voice, blood circulation, lungs, arms, heart, and nervous system. It manifests in the ways we communicate on all levels — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, within ourselves (mind, body, energy) and with others.

When the throat chakra is balanced we feel comfortable in sharing our thoughts, ideas, and feelings with others. We feel confident in our being and can communicate efficiently and express ourselves in healthy productive ways.

When the throat chakra is imbalanced, we feel blocked from expressing ourselves authentically. As a result, we attach ourselves to external stimuli to deal with life.

This attachment when left unchecked can usually develop into unhealthy habits. Our mindset is a big indicator of why we develop unhealthy habits and why we continue them even though we feel we ‘should’ stop.

Understanding why we hold on to the habit, instead of making ourselves stop, or feeling bad about having the habit, is the most effective step in resolving the underlying issue that created the habit.

By not spending the time figuring out how the habit is serving us currently, we might stop for a while and then later go back to it, or we may pick up another unhealthy habit to replace it with.

The habit isn’t the problem. It’s the lack of awareness of the thoughts that created the habit and the dependency on external stimuli to deal with stress.

The habit is a response to our mindsets. It reflects back our perceptions about what we are experiencing in our inner world.

For example, when we feel stressed, it can manifest as overthinking. Sometimes we can spend too much time thinking about one thing that we lose our sense of responsibility to other important things in our lives.

Overthinking can be a sign of spending too much time focusing on the unknowns. This can create unnecessary worry. When we worry too much about the unknowns in our lives, we miss what is known and apparent.

As a result, we can feel out of control and begin to overindulge on food, entertainment, work, people, stimulants, sex, etc.. overindulging on any external stimuli can reflect thoughts and feelings of not having control in our external world.

When we allow ourselves to overindulge, we think that we are in control because we are ‘choosing’ to do so. When we ‘think’ we have control over our lives even monetarily, we feel safe.

When we feel safe, we feel less stressed. Which reduces our need to over think. But this temporary feeling of safety doesn't actually help us deal with the issue of why we feel stressed and how we respond to the feelings of stress.

If we look a little deeper into the underlying problem of why we feel stressed, we might find the issue could be having the mindset of insufficiency. This can manifest as a lack of healthy boundaries and faith.

Feeling insufficient could be a result of not managing our time and energy efficiently as we are spending too much time worrying and not trusting in our abilities to handle life as it comes. The lack of trust happens when we are not spending the time loving and caring for ourselves in the ways we need.

To develop efficient boundaries and to create trust in ourselves, we need to build effective routines that keeps us focused and holds us accountable to ourselves.

When we create time doing the things that contribute to our overall self - esteem and progression, we begin to garner trust in ourselves and our boundaries naturally begin to match that trust.

When we feel sufficient within ourselves, we no longer need to depend on external stimulus to make us feel comfortable. Therefore, decreasing our need for development of unhealthy habits.

We offer an energy healing with coaching session. The energy healing will help you to balance the throat chakra with light hands on touch and the energy coaching will help you understand the underlying issues that caused the imbalance.

Message us to schedule a discovery call or schedule one below and let’s see if an energy healing + coaching session could work for you.

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