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Full Wolf Moon in Leo / Lunar Ecplise

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”― Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

Last Night’s Wolf Full Moon/ Full Lunar Eclipse!

Art via @Jojoesart
Art via @Jojoesart

Spirit of the Wolf:

Hunter, Territorial, Protective, Adaptive, Active, Transformation, Primal, Raw, Dangerous, Loyal, Instinctual, Vicious, Telepathic, Indigenous, Individual, Group.

Themes from this Energy:

Trust the people who are around you. Sync up with your pac. Build Self to strengthen pack. Build loyalty and trust with the people around you. Build mental strength with yourself and your pac.

Energy Reading:


Ride on the spirit of the Wolf..... Let it guide you during this time of the waning moon which is a time for separation from the emotional cycles. Take a look at your self through your actions and then take a look at yourself through interactions with others. Do you like what you see? Are you happy with who you are? Are you happy with the people around you? 

Sun moves into Aquarius; Full Moon in Leo; Full Lunar Eclipse / Wolf Moon

We are called to transform the way we see ourselves in relation to community, partnerships, and relationships. Take lessons from sun in Aquarius and Full moon In Leo. Knowing your own strengths, gifts, talents in relation to the whole, is beneficial. Be a unique individual inside of the collective. See your reflection through the mirror of the people who are around you. Your strength lies in the people you surround yourself around.

This is a time to take a look into your pac life and see who/what measures up and who/what doesn’t. Make the necessary amputations and find peace with your losses. With those who are left, build stronger mental connections with and form deeper sustainable bonds. Feelings of being more in-tuned with the needs of pac is highlighted. Full light on who you will be growing with this cycle.This energy will  be present the entire Aquarius Season and will carry us through until Pisces.  

Questions to Ponder:


How can I be more of who I am? How can I shine brighter? How can my light be of assistance to in brighting my pac's light? How can I use my talents and gifts to assist in not only my evolution, but the evolution of all of humanity? Who am I mentally connected to? Who around me am I feeling the need to be connected with? Who is on the same mental cycle as me? Who can I build a life with?

Full Lunar Eclipse Captured by Valencia Scott Cheatham, New Orleans East January, 20, 2019
Full Lunar Eclipse Captured by Valencia Scott Cheatham, New Orleans East January, 20, 2019

Wolf Energy


Tapping into this energy is crucial for this cycle.

To help, Check out Playlist on Youtube: Wolf Energy


Luke James, Miguel, Shakra, Selena

Movies / TV Shows to watch:

Twilight: Break Dawn, Originals, Teen Wolf,

Trueblood Season 3, Wolf of Wall Street


I’m an Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon with Leo Ascending/ Rising, but what’s interesting about my chart is that my Pluto is in Scorpio which makes me very intense and sometimes a mystery to most. I’m 1 Life Path, 8 Expression, and 9 Soul Desires.

I'm a great listener. I'm intuitive and I can understand what people need with out them saying anything. I'm compassionate and understanding, and I'm able to see both sides of situations. I'm great at making people feel comfortable. I'm a creative problem solver and quick thinker.

I work with astrology, numerology, crystals, tarot and reiki to provide energetic and insightful 3 card Past, Present, Future readings. Interesting in a reading?

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