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Full Moon in Gemini

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

In recognition of the full moon transit into the Gemini constellation, we explore ways that one can utilize the influence of the Gemini energy.

This energy is knowledge seeking. However, It concerns itself with functional and practical knowledge. Knowledge acquired through living. It wants to take us back to the basics to a time when we accumulated our current knowledge base which formulates our current mental perceptions and influences our current situations.

Let us take time to connect with our inner child. Take a few deep breaths in through nose and release from mouth. Allow your Self to relax. Now, Remember a time when you were between the ages of 1 - 16. Do you remember who you were then; what was life like for you? Do you recall being youthful, innocent and naive to the realities of the world - rolling through life without a care ?Or

Do you recall being filled with sadness, anger and disappointment of all the drama, trauma, and/or abuse whether physical, mental, spiritual and/ or emotional?

Fast forward, How’s your life now?

Are you still naive to some parts of your life? Are you consistently making decisions that lack forethought? Or Are you still in some way, filling your life with drama, trauma, and/ or abuse? Are you still choosing relationships that always seems to bring chaos into your life?

These realities will continue to follow until you are ready to look at your childhood experiences with fresh perspectives as to gain greater understanding. Because everything isn’t as it seems, and we don’t always recognize this principle while we are in the thick of the situations. Sometimes, we lack the maturity to see what is actually transpiring before us or we refuse to accept the truth that has been presented because the reality may be too much to handle.

Inherently, we call forth the same situations even if they don’t appear as so. We unknowingly trap ourselves in a mental time loop unable to free ourselves until we have gained clarity and have truthfully acknowledge our roles and insecurities around the initial circumstances. This is the natural way of life; We learn through living. We learn through trial and error. This is an essential lesson of the Gemini energy.

Once we recognize what was actually happening then, we will realize what it means for our lives now. This will deepen our knowledge base and bring forth revelations and resolutions to our past lives; freeing us from the loop and transitioning us into a new reality full of great potential for joy and peace.

For full moon in Gemini, let us go back to our youth and release our premature conclusions so that we may bring influence to our current circumstances and make way for our future progression.

Our holistic healing program, Wellthy7, will help in asking Self the right questions, deepen knowledge of Self and aid Self in the development of 7 positive habits - mindfulness, fasting, hydration, nourishment, exercise, accountability and sleep.

When realized and practiced accordingly, these habits have real potential to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit! With this harmony, one can begin the process of influencing its manifestations.

If this resonates with you, please join us on Dec 26 for the New Moon and Solar eclipse in Capricorn for the release of our 28 day program which will be hosted live via online. It will run from Dec 26 - Jan 24th.

We are only working with 5 - 7 souls this cycle, so Please email us for more info and to schedule a phone call to see if we should work together!

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting more details, so stay connected. 💫✨

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