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A Helping Hands Group at Unity Church

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

"There is power in the hands. There is power in touch. There is power in connecting with another being with loving and compassionate intention. " - Wellness Honie

I got my reiki certification this past August with Master Tianne with amazing reiki. She is an amazing soul. I throughly enjoyed learning from her. I plan to write a post about my experience during that 2 day training. During the class she mentioned that her and a friend, Dr. Holly, were working on offering free reiki sessions at Unity Spiritual Center of New Orleans every Wednesday and said that me and the 2 other beautiful souls taking the training were welcomed to come.

Unity Spiritual Center of New Orleans
Unity Spiritual Center of New Orleans

My soul screamed yes, please sign me up, but my mouth respond, yes, I'm interested.. I really had a desire to do it. She said she would text us and let us know when they start. She finally texted and said that they were ready for new volunteers to come Wednesday 1PM -3PM.

Valencia Scott Cheatham Wellness Honie
Oct 24, 2018

I said yes, I’m coming, and I went and it has been an extreme pleasure every since. The people I come in connect with or so electric. They are all completely different. We have constant steady flow of weekly and new faces every week.

Beautiful Soul, Dr. Holly Groh, that facilitate the free reiki session every Wednesday
Oct 24, 2018

My first time was very enlightening. I didn’t have a table at first so I had to use Tiannne’s extra table. I set it up got ready and took my first person. This was my first time doing reiki on someone that I was completely unfamiliar with. I had practiced reiki with Tianne, Lisa and Rebecca my soul sisters that I met taking the class. I did reiki on my mom, husband and kids and that was pretty much it.

beautiful Flowers from our host
Oct 31

To be able to experience somebody I just met, was powerful to say the least. When I connected with my first person, I got a whole wave of feelings that were not my own. She seem quiet, but she had a lot of worry. I stayed on her for more then 30 minutes. I was just trying to understand the feeling I was getting and what to do to relax them. I figured it out by breathing through and I could feel her relax. It was beautiful feeling to watch someone go from really tense to relaxed.

Me outside Unity wanting to be picked up
Oct 31, 2018

I finished the session and sealed it with love, and she got up and was happy. She seemed a lot calmer. I give her a hug and thank her. She asked if I was coming back next week, and I looked at her and said yes even through I had thought about it until she asked. I did 2 more people after and I just knew I was meant to do reiki. I needed this experience. I’ve been back every Wednesday since, and I plan to be there every Wednesday coming as long as I feel called to do.

Beautiful Flowers
November 7, 2018

I’m really honing in on my gift and becoming skilled at it, and I’m learning so much about myself. I’m healed every time I lay my hands on another. I feel like these people are just another aspect of myself, so by assisting in their healing, I’m healing myself. I love this process. It is some times a challenge which I’m finding that I love that it s it's challenging points because it keeps me interested. It keeps me pushing.

Every Wednesday at Unity Spiritual Center of New Orleans, 3722 St. Charles Street from 1PM - 3PM, I will be there laying hands with other reiki healers. Join me if you feel called to come! 3722 St. Charles Street, New Orleans, La, 70115. I hope to see you there this Wednesday! Do want me to know you are coming? Register below!

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