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Farewell Leo Season!

Leo Energy worked hard submerging us into the light, helping to own our authentic selves and giving us opportunities to expand our selves beyond our fears. We realized who we truly desired to be and what we truly want for ourselves. We loved the attention we got for our accomplishments and daring moves.

There was much conflict and resistance and that is where we found our strength. We built our Egos up to their highest potential. Now it’s time to lay them down; Death to the Ego. We are leaving Leo season. Now, entering a time of stepping back and taking a look at these Egos that we spent so much time crafting!

Virgo Energy seeks to baptize the Ego and strip it down back to its rawest state. Thank you Leo for your tedious, firey, over the top, pushing us past what we thought we could achieve energy. #Grateful for the opportunity. Until next time! ✌️

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