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Virgo Energy Reading

Virgo energy is about remembering the questions that has been answered, being answered presently and the ones needing to be answered. Below are some questions to ponder during Virgo season. I used the tarot to give some insight on what we should expect this season.

Tarot Guidance

What lessons can we learn from the Sun being in Virgo?

5 Wands: Conflict of interests may have us feeling pulled in multiple directions. Because of these conflicting ideas of what we should be focusing on, we may feel at a stand still. Which is exactly where we should be; allowing the conflicts to guide us. Letting the energy find its natural balance. Mean while we will feel ourselves a little frustrated. Best thing to do is write about it. It won’t last forever. Lesson: Patience is a virtue and conflict very necessary.

2. What opportunities will come?

Strength: Thanks to the conflicts of interest, we will be stronger then ever before. We will be feeling confident in ourselves and what we have accomplished or have gotten through. We have come face to face with our demons and fears and now we know our true strength. Be fearless and fair in our battles with others and ourselves. Opportunities to come that will reveal our strength and allow us to be the best visions of ourselves.

3. What personality will we be working with?

10 Swords: Assassin. We will have to be what seems like heartless in our conscious minds and not afraid to knock off very familiar personality traits young and old, masculine and feminine that have provided great comfort to us. They will come in the form of habits, actions, and thoughts. Use your discernment to really take a hard look at your ego and realize what needs the axe and what needs to continue but may be needs tweaks. Figure out what routines need to be updated to assist in the upcoming changes.

4. What challenges will we face?

4 Swords: Sitting still will be our initial challenge. Wanting to rest, but not “able” to find the time. Just “too much” needs to be done. We will still be wanting to do something productive and hands on needing to see progression in the material world. We will be riding off the vitality of the lion trying to finish what was realized in Leo, but once we see that we can’t keep up and the energy is changing, we will come to know that only through the stillness will we understand what really needs our attention right now. Through contemplation, a thought to switch focus will rise! It will be hard to take, but it’s necessary.

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