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Ceres in Pisces

Ceres is dwarf planet/ astroid named after greek goddess, Ceres, who rules over health, nutrition, agriculture, transitions, nurturing, motherhood, and family relationships.

Pisces is a Constellation and its ruling planet is Neptune. It is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. It relates to the 12th house which taps into the unconscious realms. Pisces Energy relates to dreams, imagination, addictions, behavior patterns, empathy and the universal unconsciousness.

Ceres in Pisces from April 23, 2020 - Feb 21 2021

Ceres in Pisces opens opportunity to uncover unconscious behavior patterns relating to how we nourish and nurture our bodies, take care of our environments and how we process grief. During this transit there is a heighten sense of empathy, we may find ourselves reflecting the emotions of those around us. This is our unconscious way of wanting to understand and help people through emotional crises. We feel deep within our hearts to be of service to the people around us. Let’s be generous with our time and extend help to others. On the flip, there is opportunities to accept help from outside sources. Don’t be too proud to take it.

9 ways to utilize this Energy

  1. Stillness and surrender

  2. Rest and relaxation

  3. Get plenty of sleep.

  4. Meditate on what makes you feel loved and nurtured

  5. Journal Prompt: What could you be subconsciously grieving?

  6. Nourish with fresh carrot juice 🥕

  7. Start gardening project

  8. Make healthy lifestyle changes

  9. Look into habitual habits and addictions.


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