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444 Energy Portal

4 4 4 Energy Portal

April 22, 2020 = 444


Master Limitations

444 is a call for Initiation, unification and transmutation.

Seek deeper more grounded understanding of the current conditions. Doing so is planning for transition into a more progressive state. Seek clarity to what consumes the thoughts. Expression of ideas are key to activation of purpose, confidence, and wisdom. Powerful energy day to find new ways to bring completion to long standing issues. Be there for yourself, Be there for others and Be open to others being there for you! Be a solid foundation and comfort that people can depend on. However, self preservation is also important. Be careful not to over extend. Secure your boundaries. Continue with the right balance of doing, being and transcending. Focus on the Heart chakra and eat some greens today.

oxo Wellness Honie

Live Wellthy, Stay Healthy!

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