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Qtr One Tarot Pull: Queen of Swords Reversed

♠️🗡👑 Queen of Swords ( reversed ) 👑🗡♠️

⚡️Affirmation: I am who I am, and I accept myself unconditionally.

Keyword Themes

Overly-emotional, easily influenced, bitter, coldhearted, resentful, trauma, toxic relationship, manipulation, cruelty, cruel coworker, excessive negativity, poor communication,

Energy Reading

Qtr one can reveal situations that can showcase mental triggers and where we can heal the mentality. There is an issue in the subconscious mind that is affecting the flow of communication between the conscious mind and body. It could be triggering negative self talk, thought patterns, beliefs, habits, and attitudes. It can manifest as being overly demanding of ourselves and/or others, lack of patience and empathy. Possible health contradictions can manifest as lower back problems, ovaries and skin issues.

⚡️Advice: Be kind and honor the Self that brought you thus far.

Queen of Swords Reversed Detox

💧Drink lots of water at least 70oz

🌿Drink Mint Tea

🔑Meditate on chakra seed sound “Ohm”

🎶 Listen to Jhene Album - “Chilombo”

💫 Avoid repressed emotions and moods

🥬Nourish with cab­bage, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, oats, honey, prunes, pineapples, dates, onions, and watercress.

✨Journal Prompt: How can I bring more love and understanding into my life?

🥒🍍Try Fresh Cucumber/ Pineapple Juice

🌟Yoga pose: child’s pose


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