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Updated: Mar 27, 2020


"Looking beyond the mundaneness of this reality and seeing what it all means and using that understanding to move forward with vision." - Wellness Honie

NOVEMBER 11, 2018 = 11:11:11 NOVEMBER= 11; 2018 (2 +0+1+8) = 11

Double 11’s are powerful, but triple 11’s are extremely potent energy here to assist in making our hearts desires a reality!

11:11:11 Past, Present, Future Alignment

Reconciliation of past with present and letting go of things, relationships and perceptions that are no longer useful to us. This will positively affect our futures. The things we do now will change the course of what’s to come and put us in direct alignment with the universal flow. Being in universal flow is living in abundance. It’s a time for looking beyond what in front of our face and seeing the bigger picture of what's really happening. This energy helps us see beyond our programs.

11: 11: 11 Energy Assessment

The enterprising, ambitious, action driven 1. Is amplified when it’s 11. 11 adds intuitive, enlightenment, service, compassion, empathy, higher insight and knowledge. The 11 just knows. Sometimes it knows how it knows and other times it does not. 11 is understanding, caring and compassionate it cares about people and is driven to help humanity. 11 feels everything people, nature, etc.. It has a natural ability to make all things around it calm. 11 is the seer it can see things that other typically miss or write off as useless or not important. 11 is into the unexplainable. 11 has vision, it has deep vision because of it's ability to look to the past and make connections to the present and is able to make conclusions for the future. This is why 11 loves to start things. It loves to see it's visions unfold in this reality. 11 is confident in it's visions because it sees them unfold in every situation.

To add to the power, the moon is waxing and it’s in Capricorn! Let's explore the connection.

11: 11: 11 and the Waxing Crescent Moon

Waxing Moons are idea times for physical action. Waxing Cresent Moons are the time for full force and action. It's following through with plans our that were already put in place even when there are no immediate results. Great time to work out, start businesses, relationships, financial investments. Now add this triple 11 energy, let’s just say today is prime time. 11:11:11 affords us the ability to see what our current actions will yield in the future. It also gives us insight into the people and situations that we will encounter while we are actively in pursuit of our goals.

11: 11: 11 Capricorn Energy

Hard working, dedication, worldly accomplishment. Capricorn desires stabile in finances, order inn work environment, comfortability in home life. Dependability of family and friends and understanding of needs and wants. Capricorns understand that it takes hard work, and persistence to get things done. It is not afraid of a challenge and it is very confident in it's abilities. Capricorn is loyal, copassionnate, but can be demanding of the people whom it's loyal to. It like attention and recognization for it's hard work and accomplishments.

11: 11: 11 Influencing Factors:

Numbers: 1, 11, 2, 6, 8, 9

Zodiac : Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus

Elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air

Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Third Eye

Key Words: Initiation, Enterprise, Ambition,Feeling, Connection, Insight, Nurturing, Understanding

11: 11: 11 How to capitalize off this energy?

1. Set intentions for the day I.e.

  • Be present in all that I do and to see beyond what’s in front of my face.

  • To make moves that benefit my future

  • To release people, things, situations, perceptions that are keeping from being in flow with the universe.

2. Mediate on a Mantra i.e ” I see beyond what I won’t accept.”

3. Speak Affirmations i.e "I am worthy of fulfilling my dreams."

4.. Focus your energy on the things you do want the entire day.

5. Set alarms for 11:11AM/PM

6. Pray about it

7. Mediate on it

8. Write it down

9. Speak it to yourself

10. Speak it out loud

11. Discuss it with others whom you trust

12. Tell it to strangers

11: 11: 11 Conclusion: Perfect time to make dreams a reality!

Time to buckle down and start new projects, businesses, relationships, etc.

Time to work on and finish business plans and make substantial career moves.

Time to enroll in a training program or take classes to further your education.

It’s the time for follow through to take your life to the next level.

Until Next Time, Be Well!

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