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1/2 Moon Taurus 🌓 ♉️

Half Moon Taurus ♉️

Second Quarter Moon

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus. Venus represents what we value. It can highlight how we manage our efforts and resources.

Venus can symbolize patience, love, commitment, desire, and sensuality.

The Taurus Sign is fixed earth, It is stubborn, sensual, efficient, constant, and understanding.

Taurus symbolism is the bull. The bull represent strength and power.

Organs influenced by and associated with Taurus / Venus is neck, larynx, throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, tonsils, Adam's apple.

Ailments affecting these organs could indicate issues with establishing proper boundaries, inefficient routines, and not expressing one’s needs.

Message for Half Moon Taurus:

Wisdom is gained through constant discipline, commitment, and routine.

Manifestation Review

  1. Review Intentions set during the New moon Capricorn 2021.

  2. Write down one thing that you can do that shows clear commitment to your intention. Book a Clarity Session

Gain insights into the Taurus Energy in your chart, and how it could be affecting your life.

Our Clarity Session is delivered through a 60min intuitive conversation. During the session, we may utilize reiki, tarot, and/or astrology to gain more insight into your situation. You will get a written summary of the session with holistic recommendations, and zoom recording.

Until We Connect,

Sending you Love, Light,

and Healing Vibez,

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