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Spiritual Meaning of Tropical Storm Ida (Energy Reading)

Nature reflects us and we reflect it!

When natural disasters occur, you can look inward to understand what message is being revealed.

The clues to understanding the message nature reflected back to us on why the storm manifested during the timeframe that it did, is revealed through the storm's symbology, and the transits of the sun and the moon. To deepen your understanding of what message the storm is revealing you can look to the property damage that it caused.

Let’s explore what spiritual message Tropical Storm Ida has revealed to us about what spirit wants us to do that brings healing to our mind, body, and energy.

Tropical Storm Ida

Energy Insights


Tropical means hot & humid. Hot is a high degree of heat.

Hot connects to the fire element. It can represent spirituality, passion, and anger. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Humid is a relatively high level of water vapor in the air.

Water vapor is the gaseous form of water. Water connects to the water element. It can represent emotionality, cleansing, and chaos. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Air connects to the air element. It can represent mentality, intellect, and confusion. The air signs are Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.


Storm is a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and/or rain, thunder, lightning, snow. It is associated with inner emotions such as your own jealousy, anger, temper, and grudge. It can represent moving angrily or forcefully in a specified direction. It's a symbol of chaos, negativity, trauma, difficulty, weakness, and even depression. Storm symbolism signifies change and transition because storms are temporary.


"Ida is the feminie name that means “industrious” or “prosperous”. Ida derives from the Germanic root id, meaning "labor, work". In an essay from Frank Leslie’s Sunday magazine written in 1887, Ida is a favored name meaning ‘god - like’. Ida may be related to the name of the Old Norse goddess Iðunn. In Norse mythology, Iðunn (Old Norse: [ˈiðonː]) is a goddess associated with apples and youth." (wiki) Apples represent forbidden knowledge and ancient wisdom. Youth symbolizes nostalgia, optimism, naiveness, and opportunities.

Energy Reading

An imbalance of emotions can cause confusion in the mind. Confusion in the mind can disrupt the spirit. Anger is an emotion that is a result of repressed passions.

Repressed passions happen when you are not allowing yourself the space to honor your feelings and desires. You are not being who you really are naturally and are being controlled by unhealthy emotions, a chaotic spirit and/or an unorganized mind.

This can unleash a devastating inner storm, one that is vengeful and vindictive. When the collective consciousness is eminenting this same repressed frequency, it can disrupt the spirit of our natural environment and as a result manifest natural disasters.

Have you been operating from your highest authority?

There is a call on your life and inorder to hear it, you must release your ego and accept your divine nature. When you operate from your divine nature, you embrace your passions and you are always honest with how you really feel. You don’t act like things are all good when they are not. You aren’t always “happy” or nice. You acknowledge all parts of yourself and allow them space to just be. You don't pretend that the things that happen in your past didn’t happen. You accept them as a part of your journey and use them as tools to elevate your character, teach others what you learned, and how they can use your lessons to better their outcomes.

You are being called to retain your humility.

Humility is freedom from pride or arrogance and ignorance.

Our collective consciousness has been over emotional, impatient, and stressed out about being forced to slow down and heed the call to look within for the answers to health, environmental, and societal issues.

Most have not taken the time to do the inner work. You have either been avoiding the call all together being home keeping busy, or you have never stopped working; doing the same things over and over again.

Now, because of lack of humility and patience, You are forcing yourself and others to move on before it is time and nature is sending warnings to stop, slow down, and look to the spirit for the answers to calm your inner storm and bring restoration to your mind, body, and energy.

Spirit wants you to activate your prosperity!

Ida is the feminine name that means “industrious” or “prosperous”.

‘Prosperity is the flourishing, thriving, good fortune and successful social status.[1] Prosperity often produces profuse wealth including other factors which can be profusely wealthy in all degrees, such as happiness and health.’ (Wiki)

In order to manifest your prosperity, you must ground your mind and embrace an abundant mindset.

Those with an ‘abundant’ mindset believe that there is plenty of everything in the world from resources, love/relationships, wealth, and opportunities for everyone. When you live in a state of abundance, you feel safe and focused. You don’t chase money, resources or opportunities because they flow to you. You recognize them when they appear and seize them.

When you have a ‘lack’ mindset, you prefer to believe that there are limited opportunities, resources, relationships, love, and wealth. When you live in a state of lack, you will focus on things that will never get you the results that you truly want because your energy will be tied up chasing unfruitful opportunities.

You can never manifest true prosperity with a lack mindset.

Prosperity goes well beyond wealth.

Prosperity is an innate power.

When you have this power, you are able to call in whatever resources and opportunities that you need on demand under whatever the circumstances.

To activate your prosperity:

Spirit wants you to evaluate how you work mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Ida derives from the Germanic root id, meaning "labor, work".

Work is activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.

To evaluate how you work mentally,

you can use the Sun’s transit.

The sun represents the conscious awareness, and POV/ perspective.

Perspective is the ability to understand how a situation appears and how you are reacting cognitively and emotionally to the situation.

The Zodiac represents the subconscious awareness and energy in motion.

Storm Ida manifested during the Sun’s transit through Virgo

(Aug 23rd to September 22nd).

We collectively were having issues with not being grounded in our perspectives as Virgo is a mutable earth sign. This ungroundedness is keeping us from progressing in healthy ways.

During the Sun’s transit through Virgo, there is an urge to analyze, organize, and help. The Virgo sign connects to the 6th house in astrology. The houses represent different sectors of our human experience. Our experiences shape our perspective. The 6th house explains how we work and relates to service, health, and healing.

Here are four messages from sun in Virgo to help you to heal your perspective of how/why you work and how you can work more efficiently: fair discrimination, spiritual service, organize efforts, and methodical giving.

Message #1

Fair Discrimination

Reexamine your process of discrimination.

Don’t immediately assume that just because a situation is seemingly similar to what you have experienced in the past, means it should be handled in a similar way. Take caution and seek a different approach. Look at the heart of the situation. Don’t focus on outward appearances. Give the situation a fair assessment before passing judgement.

Message #2

Spiritual Service

Reexamine the spirit behind your service.

Be independently motivated. Try not focusing on outside affirmation to motivate you to do the things you have to do for the people and things that you care about. Do it because it’s your passion. Do it because what you do matters. Do it because it’s the calling of your soul.

Message #3

Organize Efforts

Reexamine the based foundation of your organization.

Check it’s fundamental purpose for operation and create structures in preparation for abundance. However, If there are cracks in your foundation, take time to repair them because if you continue building on top of foundations that are unstable, the entire structure will crumble. Which will certainly be a tragedy considering it is very much preventable.

Message #4

Methodical Giving

Reexamine your method of generosity.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a sad story. Sometimes, when we do, we don’t always check the facts of what is being showcased. We can fall in the trap of giving what is requested vs. taking time to give what is actually needed. Be methodical when giving your attention, time, efforts, and/ or resources to different causes. Because not everyone that seeks your assistance may actually need it especially, in the way they are asking to receive it. You determine the best way that you can assist them. Sometimes giving nothing is what's actually needed.

When you master these four messages, you will develop a ‘god - like’ point of view and will not be swayed by outward appearances,chaotic emotions, disorganized thoughts, and unintentional actions.

These are important concepts to master in order to step into the power of prosperity.

When you are able to see past your own perspective, you unlock a point of view that is not limited by what you consciously understand. This is a great position to be in because you will be able to treat the situations without prejudices.

To evaluate how you work emotionally, you can use the moon’s phrase and transit that the storm occurred.

The moon represents unconscious awareness, instinct, and emotionality.

‘Emotionality is the observable behavioral and physiological component of emotion. It is a measure of a person's emotional reactivity to a stimulus.

The Zodiac represents the subconscious awareness and energy in motion.

Storm Ida occurred when the moon was leaving the 3rd quarter in Taurus and entering the 4th quarter in Gemini.

Two messages from the moon’s transit during the storm: release lack and accept your thoughts as just thoughts.

Message #1:

Release Lack

Release the beliefs that manifest feelings of lack.

3rd Quarter Moon

We have been holding on to unhealthy emotions and unrealistic beliefs as the third quarter of the moon is about releasing what no longer serves.

During The 3rd Quarter Moon, there is the urge to release what no longer serves, gain clarity on what’s been manifesting, and affirm who you need to be to actualize your intentions.

The moon was leaving the zodiac Taurus. Taurus connects with the 2nd house. The 2nd house explains how we acquire our resources and relates to our routines, boundaries, and beliefs.

Taurus zodiac calls you to release the beliefs that manifest feelings of lack. The insight for Taurus directs you to ‘check your beliefs’. What you believe to be true about yourself and your abilities can affect you from following your gut and securing the right opportunities.

You are asked to reflect on if your beliefs are preventing you from sustainable financial growth? You are called to utilize the Taurus energy to reevaluate your core beliefs and to develop routines that reinforce your truths.

Message #2:

Accept your thoughts

Accept that your thoughts are nothing more than ‘Just Thoughts’, they are not your intentions."

4th Quarter Moon

We have not truly accepted our circumstances as the 4th quarter is about accepting our life as it is And showing gratitude for what we do have.

During The 4rd Quarter Moon, there is the urge to accept current circumstances, take full responsibility for actions, and hold yourself accountable to your life’s lessons.

The moon was entering the zodiac Gemini. Gemini connects with the 3rd house. The 3rd house explains how you communicate and relates to your mind, thoughts, and connections.

Gemini zodiac calls you to accept that your thoughts are nothing more than ‘Just Thoughts’, they are not your intentions.

The insight for Gemini directs you to be clear to yourself what your intentions are moving forward, make certain they reflect your true personality.

You are asked to reflect on if your actions are being controlled by your thoughts or your intentions?

You are called to utilize the Gemini energy to accept clarity on the difference between your intentions vs your thoughts, as well as accept your intentions as your main focus and source for your actions.

To evaluate how you work spiritually, you can use the symbology of the property damage the storm caused to your property.

Property Damage

For a deeper understanding of what the spirit is revealing to you that is keeping you from your prosperity, you can look to the property damage.

Your property is an extension of yourself. Damage to the property signals your determination, ambition, and struggle. It could reveal what you are trying to cover up or hide.

Spiritual message of property damage:

Damage to fence…

  • Not being open to the public..

  • Feeling vulnerable

  • Needing protection from the outside world

  • hiding behind fences, not wanting people to know you or see you

  • Not wanting to let people in and show them who you are

Uproot of trees

  • Not feeling ground

  • Being too emotional

  • Allowing emotions to uproot you

  • Life feeling out of control

  • Not feeling stable

  • Easily manipulated

  • Easily thrown off balance

Tree damage

  • Not feeling supported

  • Feeling let down

  • Feeling broken

  • Feel separated from the source

  • Feeling abandoned

  • Breaking away from tradition

  • Breaking from conditions

Roof leak

  • Allowing outside influences to unknowingly control your mind

  • Not thinking clearly

  • Not allowing emotions to flow

  • Disregarding Instincts

Roof damaged

  • Feeling mentally fatigued

  • Losing wits at wits end

  • Losing control

  • Mentally vulnerable

  • Not feeling protected

  • Lacking togetherness with those close to you

  • Naive

  • Not mentally open to recieve new information or ways of thinking

  • Being passive

Damage to mailbox

  • Not communicating what’s important to you or not using communication effectively

  • Waiting for a sign to act on your desires

  • Waiting for someone to come save you from your circumstances

  • Waiting for something that is never going to arrive


Tropical Storm Ida is the reflection of the inner fight between the you that was created in response to life’s circumstances, and the you who is divinely led. The two of you can no longer coexist. You must pick a side.

You have to decide if you will remain in your struggle


if you will release yourself from it in order to step into your prosperity!

This is the way to gain peace of mind.

This is the way to calm the raging storm within.

Spend time reflecting back over this past month, sun and moon cycle as it is key to understanding what this storm brought up for you from a holistic perspective.

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