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What Does Grounded Feel Like?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

What does ‘grounded’ feel like?

When you are grounded, you are present in your body and allow yourself to feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on around you. When you are grounded, you sense the abundance that is always available to you.

What does it feel like when you aren't grounded?

When you aren't grounded, it is hard to feel present in your body because you are usually too consumed with worries about what you don’t have. When you aren't grounded, you feel very vulnerable and easily thrown off balance. The feeling of being grounded or not being grounded can reflect the state of your mindset.

When you aren’t feeling grounded, you may be experiencing a ‘lack’ mindset.

When you have a ‘lack’ mindset, you prefer to believe that there are limited opportunities, resources, relationships, love, and wealth. When you live in a state of lack, it’s hard to feel safe. You are always uncertain if you will get the resources you need. You will focus on things that will never get you the results that you truly want because your energy will be tied up chasing unfruitful opportunities. You will find it hard to connect with others out of fear that you or they lack something i.e intelligence, looks, and/or resources.

Having an abundant mindset is key to feeling grounded.

Those with an ‘abundant’ mindset believe that there is plenty of everything in the world from resources, love/relationships, wealth, and opportunities for everyone. When you live in a state of abundance, you feel safe and focused. You don’t chase money, resources or opportunities because they flow to you. You recognize them when they appear and seize them. You know love is available to you and you don't have to manipulate others to get it. You recognize that people are enough just the way they are and they don’t need to be anything other than themselves to be accepted by you.

Manifest abundance with standing toe touches.

Try doing this exercise flow:

Standing Toe Touches into Calf Raises with Extended Arms.

  1. From a standing position, hold your core in .

  2. Bend at the waist and touch your toes.

  3. Rise up to standing position.

  4. Raise your calves by push up on the balls of your feet

  5. Extend your arms above your head

Doing standing toe touches can stretch your hamstrings, enhance your communication, and activate feelings of hope.


The hamstrings run from the back of the hips to below the knees. It is located at the back of the thighs. The hamstring muscles are responsible for your hip and knee movements in walking, squatting, bending your knees, and tilting your pelvis. The hamstrings give us the ability to be flexible and they represent effectiveness. The hamstrings/thighs are connected to the Sagittarius sign.


Sagittarius is the sign of higher understanding, faith, and abundance. It is mutable which means it’s a sign of transition. Utilize the Sagittarius energy to cultivate abundance and to take calculated risks with a touch of faith.


While doing this exercise flow, imagine taking abundance from the ground, raising it through your body, and then pulling it above your head releasing into your aura. Embody the feeling of abundance and imagine receiving exactly what you need to feel whole.

Utilize Standing Toe Touches exercise to release fears of lack, and embrace the abundance that is all around you.


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