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Moon Cycle Insights For August 8th - September 6th

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The Sun is in Leo and will be here until August 22nd. Read more on Leo Season here.

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There are four quarters of the moon and each highlights a point in the cycle that can be used for self development. Read more on Moon Cycle.

First Quarter Moon Transits Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

from August 8th - August 14th.

The first quarter can be used for cultivating more awareness, setting intentions, and anticipating possible obstacles to obtaining our goals.

The first quarter can highlight where we could be lacking awareness of some important aspect of our lives.

We can utilize the energies of Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio to anticipate the challenges that we may be experiencing that could be affecting us from staying in pursuit of our goals.

During this quarter of the moon, situations may arise that could call us to re-examine our intentions to uncover if we are being genuine in our interactions with others.

New Moon Leo

Having issues with your heart? Leo connects with the heart. The heart can represent the center of love and security. Leo can represent expression. Most issues with the heart may showcase that you are repressing your expressions in some way.

Are you sharing what is really in your heart or have you been repressing your feelings out of fear of not receiving love, emotional, physical, and/or material security?

During this time, reflect on if you are in situations that have been allowing you freedom to express your true heart’s desires or have been restricting you from doing so.

Date: Aug 8th - 9th

Theme: performance

Anatomy: back, heart, and blood

Insight: You have to take time to play. Find time to reconnect with your inner child by doing things that fire you up like when you were a kid. The inner child is the part of yourself that never grows up and it holds onto the same hopes, wishes, desires and pleasures. We can use the Leo sign to reconnect with our inner child to determine if our current performance reflecting passion and excitement.

Reflection: Am I doing things that I am truly passionate about?

Date: Aug 10th -11th

Theme: Determination

Anatomy: Digestive System

Insight: You have to know exactly who you are and what you want, to make the best decisions for your future. We can use Virgo sign to develop our process of determination and challenge what and who we have been servicing.

Reflection: Is all the hard work that I have been doing getting me the results I want?

Date: Aug 11th - 13th

Theme: Judgement

Anatomy: Kidneys

Insight: You have to be able to judge situations and people adequately. Being fair minded and open to others opinions will prove to be beneficial to developing your own. We can utilize libra sign to develop our judgments about what we are experiencing and to recognize the value people bring to our lives.

Date: Aug 14th

Theme: Transformation

Anatomy: Reproductive System

Insights: You have to be open to being there for people without any alternative motives. Avoid the blame game when things go awry. Take responsibility for your part in the situation, don’t get hung up on the intentions of others. We can utilize the scorpio sign to uncover the truth about ourselves, so that we can realize the lies we tell ourselves that are keeping us from the genuine intimacy we seek.

Reflection: is my intentions pure or do I have a hidden agenda?


The moon will transit the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius during the second quarter from August 15th - August 21st.

Utilize this phase to highlight your process of decision making, recognize best ways to take initiative, and actualize commitment to your goals.

Utilize the energy of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius to make effective decisions that are aligned with the results you truly want moving forward.

Waxing Half Moon Scorpio is on Aug 15th

Make decisions that transform your inhibitions


You may need to take a completely new approach to current situations. Creativity and emotional discernment will be critical elements in getting the experiences your soul craves.


Have I been allowing myself the space to let go of my inhibitions?


Utilize the scorpio energy to release yourself from an unproductive emotional cycle to receive a new one where you are able to express your creative potential in productive ways.


I am free to express my creativity.

Waxing Moon in Sagittarius from Aug 16th - 17th

Make decisions that allow your spirit to evolve


Continue to be patient and nurture your growth no matter the speed. Awaken your spirituality, it may be the key to peace of mind.


Am I doing things that allow my spirit to evolve?


Utilize the Sagittarius energy to redefine the spirit of why you are doing what you are doing and commit yourself to higher ideals and be divinely led.


I am divinely led.

Waxing moon Capricorn from Aug 18th - 19th

Make decisions that manifest your duty to your world


By understanding yourself, the world around you, as well as how you influence it, and how it influences you, you will gain insights about your responsibility to the progression of your world. You matter and you are here for a reason.


What's my reason for being here?


Utilize the Capricorn energy to realize your reason and become successful at expressing it in your own creative way.


I am committed to my purpose.

Waxing Moon Aquarius from Aug 20th - 21st

Make decisions that confirm your vision


By continually questioning your visions, you lose faith in yourself. Trust that you know what you're doing. Follow the plan that you’ve already set forth even if you have yet to see the fruits of your labor. Know that you’re making an impact somewhere somehow.


How have I been showcasing my lack of faith to my vision?


Utilize the Aquarius energy to find satisfaction in your aspirations.


I am confident in my vision.


Wellthy Tip:


  • Stronger legs, feet, calves and ankles.

  • Relief of lower back pain.

  • Open hips, ankles, groin and Achilles.

  • Stimulation of abdominal internal organs.


The moon will transit the signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus during the 3rd Quarter from August 22nd - August 29th.

Utilize this phase to highlight your process of releasing what is no longer serving you, gaining clarification on what you are manifesting, and affirming who you need to be to actualize your intentions.


Full Moon Aquarius is on Aug 22nd.

Release the idea that you are not enough.




Get clear on the actions that you are currently taking and realize how they could be directly affecting your future outcomes.


What do I know to be true about me?


Utilize the Aquarius energy to embody the value that you offer to your community, society, and universe.


I trust my inner knowing.


Waning Moon in pisces from Aug 23 - 24th

Release the destructive behaviors that keep you from your joy.




Facing your shadow self can reveal why you have been so unhappy despite all the many reasons you ‘should’ be happy.


How do I add more joy in my life?


Utilize the Pisces energy to embrace joy right now despite your circumstances.


I got the joy down in my heart.


Waning moon Aries from Aug 25th - 26th

Release the mindset that does not serve you.




Instead of charging forward prematurely without forethought. Slow down and move with the knowledge from your highest authority.


Am I utilizing my energy efficiently?

Manifest: Utilize Aries energy to deal with old wounds that keep you from focusing your energy on what really matters to you.


I have enough time for all the things that matter in my world.


Waning Moon Taurus from Aug 27th - 29th

Release your beliefs that manifest feelings of lack.

Zodiac Anatomy:



Check your beliefs.

What you believe to be true about yourself and your abilities can affect you from following your gut and securing the right opportunities.


Are my beliefs preventing me from sustainable financial growth?


Utilize Taurus energy for creating space to reevaluate your core beliefs and to develop routines that reinforce your truths.


My routines are manifesting abundance.


Wellthy Tip:

Create a Vision Map

  • Practice being creative with mapping out your vision.

  • Vision boards, drawings, and models are great tools for creatively mapping out visions.

  • Plan a time & place for you feel free and inspired to play with your visions.

  • Express yourself with whatever inspires you.

  • Enjoy your process!


The moon will transit the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo during the 4th Quarter from August 30th - Sept 6th.

Utilize this phase to put into action accepting your current thoughts as ‘Just Thoughts’. This is a time for taking full responsibility for the way you express yourself and determining if & how you are holding yourself accountable to your goals and intentions.


Waning Moon Gemini from August 30th - 31st

Accept that your thoughts are nothing more than ‘Just Thoughts’, they are not your intentions.


Be clear to yourself what your intentions are moving forward, make certain they reflect your true personality.


Are my actions being controlled by my thoughts or my intentions?


Utilize Gemini energy to accept clarity on the difference between your intentions vs your thoughts, as well as accept your intentions as your main focus and source for your actions.


My thoughts will not restrict my intentions.


Waning Moon in Cancer from September 1st - 3rd

Accept the feelings that allow you to express yourself creatively.


Giving yourself the space and freedom to express all of you in your most intimately creative ways is deeply clarifying.


Am I allowing myself to fully express my feelings?


Utilize Cancer energy to entertain your feelings and show gratitude to yourself for being uniquely you.


How ever I feel is Ok.


Waning Moon Leo from September 4th - 5th

Accept that how you express yourself is how you best serve yourself and the world.


Do not hold on to circumstances that smother your self-expression. Being fulfilled from expressing yourself authentically is healing.


Am I routinely expressing authenticity?


Utilize Leo energy to express yourself boldly and attract more energy that serves the authentic you.


I have all the power to be myself at all times.


Waning Moon Virgo on Sept 6th

Accept full accountability for the determination you put into your intentions.


Be determined to be intentional in your actions. The moves you’re making based on your thoughts may not match your intentions, causing self-sabotage.


Do I sabotage my own intentions by losing the battle to my thoughts?




I know my intentions and they will guide me.


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