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The Moon Cycles

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The Moon

The moon represents our unconscious awareness and highlights our instincts.

When the moon moves through a zodiac constellation, we may experience the themes it represents through our feelings.

We can utilize this information to create better emotional responses.

There are 4 quarter of the moon and each highlights a point in the cycle that can be used for self development.

The 4th quarter can be used for accepting our circumstances, taking responsibility for our circumstances, and holding ourselves accountable to how we are experiencing those circumstances.

The full moon is a time of full awareness of what truly matters. It is when we are open and able to see all that we have been through this month to get too this point. It's when we realize the who’s and the what’s that could be hindering our growth; and we find the strength to release it. It’s also the time to embody our truths and allow them to be our guides.

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